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Textile waste shredder
Textile waste shredder is also named clothing shredder or garment shredder. It is a size reduction machine that is used to shred textiles like shoes, rags, and fiber, etc. Garment shredder normally is composed of a shredding mechanism and bracket with high quality and durable blades. WANROOETECH double single shaft shredder and double shaft shredder are both fine for different kinds of garment shredding purposes.

Textile waste shredding machine
Waste textiles are all kinds of clothing, fabrics, carpets, towels, leather, etc. that are no longer used in the household or in commercial and industrial activities. They come from natural or synthetic sources and most of them have the potential to be reused or recycled. Currently, waste textiles are the least recycled of almost all waste streams, especially in today’s “fast fashion” world, where people are throwing away clothes more frequently, resulting in large amounts of waste. Traditional landfills not only cause pollution and increase carbon emissions but also result in a huge waste of resources. Reducing the size of textiles through shredders for recycling or energy use is now a popular method of disposal.

double shaft textile waste shredder

double single shaft textile waste shredder

Textile waste recycling
Clothes recycling is part of textile recycling. There are many old clothes to be disposed of every year. Due to environmental awareness and landfill pressure, the textile waste shredder is necessary to sort them so that they can be reused or recycled. Various charities also contribute through the used clothes collection program.

How to recycle old clothes?
Divide old clothes into reuse, rags and fibers.
Lots of clothes can be reused. They can be exported to developing countries or sold in thrift stores at home. The rest of the rags and fibers will also be packaged for recycling.
Sort rags and fibers among different items for different recycling solutions
Usually only experienced and skilled workers can do a good job because different items have different recycling and process solutions. For example, you can classify natural textiles by color. So there’s no need to die again. When old clothes are torn into fibers, they can be used in the production of mattresses, or fillings such as furniture liners, panel linings, horn cones and car insulation. If it’s polyester, the recycling process is very different. When zippers and buttons are removed, the clothes are torn into small pieces, which are then granted and extruded into pellets for the production of new products.

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Why shred used clothes?
Whatever clothes are processed for mattress production, filling materials or producing pellets, you can see shredding clothes into small particles is an essential step during the recycling process.
Waste clothing recycling can be processed into car sound insulation cushion, sofa filling, canopy cover, etc., can also be produced for filter cloth, screen, roadbed cloth, greenhouse insulation blanket, roadbed blanket and other industrial textiles, or as building materials manufacturing wall materials and other recycling products.
Such kind of recycling greatly releases landfill pressure, saves natural resources and creates new jobs for the economy. With the new development in recycling technologies, we believe we can maximize the value of recovered material and contribute more to the environment and the economy.

Textile waste shredder machines
Textile waste shredder machines cover several types of shredders and granulators to reduce the size of used clothes. These clothes shredder machines or granulators are easy to operate and maintain. Contact our WANROOETECH team for case-by-case recommendations if you have any clothes shredding requirements.

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