Every year, a mass of CDs and DVDs are produced and in the meanwhile, millions of them are ended up in the landfill or incinerators. Do you know what are CDs and DVDs made of? CDs and DVDs’ body is mainly made of the number 7 plastic (polycarbonate). Number 7 plastic is of very high quality and completely recyclable. Besides CD and DVD, there are also many daily items made of this type of plastic, such as household articles, car accessories, office supplies, etc. The disc surface, made of certain metals (e.g. gold, silver), is constructed with dye layer and reflective layer. The dye layer is for data storage purpose, and the reflective layer is for reflecting the light from the laser reader.
CD shredder or DVD shredder in recycling
Since the material made up of CD and DVC are not biodegradable, ending up the discs in landfills may release harmful substance to the environment and indirectly endanger human health. Burning in incinerators will also release harmful fumes to the air, resulting in air pollution. The best way to handle the unwanted CDs and DVDs is to recycle or reuse them. The general recycling process of the scrap discs is firstly sorting each disc by material types because usually each disc contains case, cover paper, and disc. Each type of these material can be recycled respectively. After sorting, it comes shredding process that reduce the size of the disc into small particles. Through further processes like secondary size reduction, material separating, melting, etc, new polycarbonate plastic (PC) material is produced, and pure metal powder is extracted.
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