Tire Recycling Shredder

The benefit of Tire Recycling
Among the greatest and most problematic sources of waste now, because of the massive quantity generated and their durability. The very same features that make waste tires a waste issue also make them among the very used waste substances. Recycled tire chips may be used to get TDF (Tyre Derived Fuel) that can be a gas used for heating plants and cement stoves or even for equestrian.

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Tire Recycling System/Tire Shredding System
WANROOETECH enables you with tire recycling options for processing all kinds of tires; entire vehicle and truck tires such as mining, super singles, ground mover tires, off-the-road tires, etc. We offer heavy-duty double shaft shredder to primarily size reduce tires into metal and rubber pieces. The large pieces are further crushed and separated in the succeeding process.

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The tire shredder machine is “multi-size” meaning the dimensions of rubber granulate can be altered by simply changing the screen mesh. During the creation of rubber crumbs, we have flexible and modular designs to control the output quality and output size. Using a granulator and grinder, you can obtain a pure and fine powder.

Tire TDF Shredder Machine Video:

Complete Tire Recycling Plant:

Why shredding waste tires?
Waste tires (tyres) present environmental, health and safety hazards. So the proper management of waste tires has been a major environmental concern for decades. Due to their large volume and high void space, if we dump waste tires directly into landfill, they will quickly consume precious landfill space. Over the past years, shredding waste tires have been developed into an effective way of recycling this problematic waste stream. Thus a waste tire shredder is must-have equipment for shredding and recycling.

What are the uses of waste tires after shredding?
Shredded tires are applicable in many different sectors. They can become road beds for minimizing vibrations and for highway sound barriers. They work well in playgrounds as the rubber surface can provide sufficient traction and help reduce injuries. Shredded tires after further processing can turn into rubber powder. Rubber powder not only can be used for making various rubber products in the rubber industry but also applicable in other industrial fields, for example, mixing rubber powder into the asphalt as paving material can significantly promote the quality of paving – such paving seldom gets cracked in summer and seldom gets frozen in winter that greatly increase the safety of driving. Whether it’s lightweight backfill, operational liners or material for the everyday cover, shredded tires provide a viable solution in many cases.

Buying waste tire shredder from WANROOETECH
WANROOETECH Shredder is a good choice for converting waste tires into rubber shreds. Equipped with different sizes of screen, our waste tire shredders are capable of producing different sizes, from small to medium or large shredded pieces based on your specific need. Also, our crushers can convert the shredded tires into even smaller sizes for further processing in the tire recycling cycle. Different capacities of waste tire shredders and crushers are available in the WANROOETECH product range. If you are looking for waste tire shredder, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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