Plastic Lump Purge Shredder

These waste molding plastic usually is in very solid and hard pieces, so shredding or crushing is the initial recycling process of these molding plastic scraps. For large molding plastic scraps (purgings), it is usually shredded by a single shaft shredder – actually the purgings are shaved into plastic flakes by the high-speed cutting rotor of the single shaft shredder. For small molding scraps, it can be directly granulated by small sized min granulator. After shredding or granulating, this scrap molding plastic is then turned into regrind. Regrind is usually mixed with virgin compounds at a predetermined percentage for remolding. Using regrind is a great way to reduce cost, optimize material usage, and reduce demand for natural resources. WANROOETECH molding plastic shredder and granulator have various designs and sizes available.

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