Medical Waste Shredder

Shredding is a crucial part of medical waste treatment. The technical requirements of medical waste shredder are usually high because medical waste contains not only hard materials like glass and a small amount of metal but also soft materials like cotton yarn and clothes. Medical waste shredder system is dedicated designed to adopt the severe working circumstance of medical waste treatment and to reduce the volume and size of medical waste after sterilization.
WANROOE offers a full range of equipment to process medical waste utilizing the latest shredding technologies. Slow speed, high torque shredders easily reduce the toughest medical grade materials ranging from fabrics to glass, plastics and stainless steel instruments and more. After shredding, the material is ideal for thermal destruction or it can be sterilized and disposed of with your regular waste.
Medical waste is distinct from normal trash or general waste. They are also different from other types of hazardous waste, such as chemical, radioactive, universal or industrial waste. Biomedical wastes generally include waste materials such as needles, scalpels, used swabs, used bandages, human tissues, organs, animal carcasses, etc. They will pose potential risks to human health or the environment and thus requires special treatment. Due to the special requirement, a biomedical waste shredder is normally with full close design. It can effectively avoid waste from coming out of the shredder machine during shredding process. Most biomedical waste shredders are of double shaft design instead of single shaft design. Because double shaft shredders are with slower rotor rotation speed, which can also better prevent shredding material from scattering around during shredding process.

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