Cable Recycling Plant

Cable Recycling Plant
For cable recycling, the current recycling method is an automatic cable recycling plant and a manual cable recycling machine(copper wire stripper machine). We offer both standard and customized cable recycling plants depending on your requirements. The standard solutions have capacities ranging from 300 – 5,000 kg input/production hour and are typically the starting point when customizing solutions for up to 10,000 kg input/production hour. We also offer cable strippers and shears for small capacities or for complimenting other types of cable recycling. Can meet the requirements of different budget customers.


Cable Recycling Plant Application:
Copper cable recycling system is suitable for processing all kinds of scrap wires and cables, wire and cable with a diameter of 1-200mm, such as Automobile electrical wire, car electric wire, motorcycle electric wire, power cable, communication cable, signal cables and other miscellaneous cables.


What’s in the waste cable that could be recycled?
Cable wires are composed of internal metal and external plastic. Recycling cables can separate metal and plastic. After recycling, copper, aluminum and plastic particles can be obtained.

Cable Copper Wire Recycling Granulator Final Product


What types of cable wires could be recycled?
WANROOETECH PNCR series cable wire recycling machine can recycle hair-wire, harness wire, communication wire, installation wire, power cables with copper or aluminum conductors, copper wire, ACSR-wire and mixed household wire.

waste copper cable wire


Plant 1: Automatic Cable Recycling Plant
WANROOETECH’s cable recycling systems can size reduction and separation and require no melting or chemical treatment. Scrap cable wire recycling crushing separating machine process the waste electric wire and cable into copper and plastic granule. Copper is separated from the plastic, separation efficiency can be 99%. For the copper granule, it can be sold directly or go to further refining. Through our copper electrolysis machine, the copper can be refined into cathode copper above 99.99% purity. The plastic granules normally are PVC or rubber material, they can also be sold directly.

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Scrap cable wire recycling granulator video:


How do we recycle cable wires?
The waste cables or wires will become plastic pellets and copper particles after being crushed. The mixed will jump and move ahead like wave type on the vibrating screen mesh surface. With airflow function and screen box straight shock excitation, the sheath and core will be separated, and get copper particles, plastic pellets and mixture from different outlet areas.

Cable Copper Wire Recycling Process


Copper Cable Recycling Granulator Main Equipment:

Cable wire shredder machine
Wires and Cables are shredded 20-40mm, the cable shredder blade is made of LD material, which has high hardness and strong wear resistance.
Copper wire granulator machine
It is used for recycling scrap cable wires to separate copper granules and plastic granules through crushing, air separation or electrostatic separation process.
Electrostatic Separator
It is an optional device of copper wire recycling machine. Thin wires which air separator is not capable to deal with, the electrostatic separator is required.
High efficiency pulse dust collector
The whole process is undersealed structure with advanced pulse dust collector, which could ensure no dust fly around during the operation.


Cable Recycling Plant Working Process:
1. The first cable wire shredder of the recycling plant shreds the wires/cables into 10-20mm length.
2. By conveyor, crushed wires/cables are conveyed to the wire cable wire granulator, which crushes them again into 3-8mm length plastic pieces and copper granules.
3. The mixture is sent to the vibration system. By airflow gravity sorter and vibration screen, plastic pieces are separated from copper granules thoroughly.
4. Copper granules and plastic pieces come out of the granulator from different outlet. Dust is collected by pulse dust catcher through the air duct.


Cable Recycling Plant Features:
1. Large handling capacity, suitable for large scale production.
2. Manual feeding material for one time, multiple machines combined for automatic separation.
3. Adopting PLC to control the whole system, having stable performance.
4. The copper recycling rate can reach 99%.
5. The plant adopts air and vibration separation, with no water pollution.
6. Equipped with dust collector, no dust pollution.
7. The voltage can be customized according to your requirements.


Plant 2: Manual Cable Recycling Machine
The Copper Wire Stripper Machine is dry type of structure, mainly used for all kinds of waste copper wire, the copper wire will be separated into tiny copper rice and PVC. This machine can recycle the copper wire which diameter is 0.3mm-20mm. Automobile electrical wire or the electric wire of car, motorcycle electric wire, computer case wire and communication cable, etc.


Copper Wire Stripper Machine Application scope:
Various types of wire, monofilament and filoselle cable, Rubber&plastic sheathing cables which size from Φ10mm—Φ120mm.
Daily output quantity:200kg-1000kg.


In order to better provide you with a professional answer, when sending an inquiry, please describe your parameters or technical requirements (such as processing materials, output size, capacity, etc.), we will reply to you as soon as possible!

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