Radiator Recycling Machine

We offer two types of radiator recycling machines, one is a fully automatic radiator recycling machine, automated, saving labor, more environmentally friendly, no dust pollution, protecting workers’ health, and another semi-automatic radiator recycling machine, suitable for customers with limited budgets. We will help you customize your recycling plan according to the needs of customers, and help you save the cost of recycling investment.


Why do we need radiator recycling machine?
Scrap radiator recycling machine is designed for recycling scrap radiators from cars and air conditioning for the production of clean aluminum, copper, and steel for resource recycling. scale radiator recycling system with a capacity of 1000-2000kgs/h.


Every year will produce a large number of air conditioning radiators, heating radiators, car air conditioning radiators and other waste products, not only pollute the environment and cause a waste of resources, the radiator contains copper and aluminum, and recyclable value is very high. In the face of mountains of copper and aluminum water tank, electronic waste miscellaneous, car dismantling waste miscellaneous, household appliances dismantling waste miscellaneous and other composite materials, large amount, value is not high, how to deal with them more reasonable?


However, if the waste electrical appliances are not properly treated, they can directly harm people’s health and seriously pollute the land and water. Worryingly, less than 10% of all electrical appliances are scientifically processed. Therefore, the recycling of e-waste has significant benefits for present and future generations.

Waste Copper Aluminum Water Tank Scrap Radiator Recycling Plant

Copper and aluminum water tank is the electronic waste formed after the fine disassembly of air conditioning water tank and automobile water tank, mainly composed of copper tube and aluminum foil waste, in which the copper content of copper tube can reach more than 97%, can be recycled through the treatment of radiator copper and aluminum.


How to recycling radiator?
The scrapping of cars and the updating of indoor air conditioners have produced a large number of waste copper and aluminum radiators, which are of great use-value because of the non-ferrous metal content in the copper and aluminum radiators. With the rapid development of the economy, labor costs have increased greatly, making the way of recycling air conditioning radiators in the past no longer applicable, replaced by copper and aluminum water tank separators. We provide two solutions according to customer requirements: manual copper-aluminum radiator recycling separator and automatic copper-aluminum radiator recycling line.


Plant 1. Manual copper-aluminum radiator recycling separator:
Copper aluminum radiator recycling separator(also called copper tube aluminum foil separator ), can quickly separate the copper tube and aluminum foil of the old air conditioner radiator without damaging the copper tube, aluminum foil into block, no powder. Large air conditioning radiator does not need to be sawed into small pieces in advance, no matter 4 or 6 layers of copper tube can be used for a machine operation, eliminating the band saw the cutting process, reducing the waste of aluminum foil powder, improving the output of a single shift. After recycling, the copper and aluminum can be sold separately to increase income. It is widely used in disassembling and separating the internal copper and aluminum of waste air conditioners, old radiators, scrap water tanks and auto parts.

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Manual copper-aluminum radiator recycling separator video:


Manual copper-aluminum radiator recycling separator Advantage:
Radiator recycling separator is suitable for disassembly and separation of copper and aluminum inside the waste air conditioner, old radiator and scrap water tank.
The waste radiator and other internal copper and aluminum can be quickly separated to keep the original block shape;
The disassembly process is completed by a machine without the need for other equipment to assist production;
Copper tube aluminum foil separation speed, high efficiency, simple operation, easy maintenance;


Manual copper-aluminum radiator recycling separator Disadvantages:
Due to the wastewater tank radiator volume and very heavy, manual separator at work low production efficiency, inconvenient handling and maintenance, and need to be handled, waste labor.


Plant 2. Automatic copper and aluminum radiator recycling machine:
The scrap radiator recycling plant can be processing all kinds of large blocks of the radiator(copper and aluminum water box) or motor rotor(with axle)≤15cm. The scrap radiator is shredded and then crushed into 3cm particles. Through the magnetic separator, iron is separated. Then the airflow separator can sort the copper, aluminum, plastic. The equipment has features of the new design, nice appearance, unique and large capacity. Whole plant PLC controlling, one-time feeding, multi-machine cooperated processing; with automatic shutdown device and the overload automatic alarm device. The successful development of the processing line greatly liberates the productive forces, improves the metal recycling quality. Most importantly, it solves the problem of dust overflow effectively, reducing the pollution to the air.

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Radiator Recycling machine process:

Radiator Recycling machine process


Radiator Recycling Machine Features:
Adopt electric control cabinet to control the whole system.
High efficiency, saving labor and cost.
The separating rate can reach 99.8%.
Adopt cyclone dust collector, no pollution to the environment.
Low noise, the noise is not more than 85db.
The voltage can be customized as per your requirements.


Automatic copper and aluminum radiator recycling machine video:


Radiator recycling machine  final product:
Waste Copper Aluminum Water Tank Scrap Radiator Recycling Plant final products

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