Medical Waste Autoclave

Medical waste refers to contaminated waste produced by hospitals after coming into contact with patients’ blood and flesh. Such as used cotton balls, sand cloth, tape, disposable medical appliances, discarded goods after surgery, expired drugs and so on. According to the medical detection report of the national health department, because medical waste has the characteristics of space pollution, acute infection and latent pollution, its virus and bacteria are dozens, hundreds or even thousands of times more harmful than ordinary household waste. If handled improperly, it will cause serious pollution to the environment and may also become the source of epidemic disease. Therefore, we need to sterilize medical waste.
Pulsating vacuum medical waste sterilizer with the features of PLC and HMI automatic program control, automatic temperature recording and printing, vacuum drying, etc. is suitable for hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, scientific research institutes and other units to sterilize and dry clothing, dressings, metal instruments, culture medium, etc.

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