PET Plastic Bottle Plastic Container

Plastic bottles and containers are widely used in our daily life to store liquids such as water, soft drinks, beverages, oil, medicine, detergents, cosmetics, shampoo, milk, etc. They bring great convenience to our life, but improper disposal of waste plastic containers produces harm to the environment because plastic is not normally biodegradable. Plastic bottle recycling really makes great sense. Some plastic bottle recycling machines like plastic bottle shredder can help to make whole recycling much easier.

In its recycling process, waste plastic bottles and containers are firstly taken to materials recovery facilities (MRF) where they are separated from other materials and further sorted based on raw material type and colors. The sorted post-consumer plastic bottles and containers are then compressed into bales and sold to specialized plastic recycling companies.

Plastic bottle shredder in plastic bottle recycling

At plastic recycling companies, bales will be broken up, labels of bottles and caps are removed by label re-moving machinery. Then the main body of plastic bottles and containers is shredded into small pieces. After shredding, the small plastic shreds will then be washed clean by a hot washer, friction washer and floating washer. The cleaned plastic pieces are dried by a de-watering machine and dryer. At last, they are melted and produced into granules which serve as a raw material for making new plastic products.

No matter what size the original plastic bottle and containers are, and how big the shredded pieces are desired to be, WANROOETECH range of PET bottle shredder always has the right solution for your requirements. We have single shaft shredders, double shaft shredders, four shaft shredders, as well as granulators available with various blades and rotor designs.