Shredder Blades

The material of the shredder blade is generally 9CrSi, Cr12MoV and SKD-11, of which 9CrSi is alloy tool steel. This kind of material has high hardness and good wear resistance, but high brittleness. It is suitable for soft waste materials such as rubber, fiber, paper, etc. Cr12MoV and SKD-11 are cold work die steels. With strong wear resistance, impact resistance, suitable for tearing wood, waste furniture, high hardness of plastics, etc. The shredding machine blade is one of the most important accessories on the shredding machine. The quality of the shredder blade directly affects the processing cycle of the mechanical waste. According to the classification of the shredding machine, the shredding machine blade is divided into single shaft shredder blade and multi shaft shredder blade.

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