IBC Recycling

WANROOETECH provides a unique IBC recycling machine and drum shredder(tote shredder) designed and tailored to meet your needs.


What are IBCs?
Intermediate Bulk Containers are heavy-duty canisters that are used to hold a handful of different items, including food, perfume, and oil.

The IBC tank has wide applications in transportation such as truck transportation, marine container transportation, and boat transportation, etc. One of the advantages of IBC tanks compared with other containers or drums also used in transportation is the IBC tanks can be lifted by forklift or pallet trucks. Thus this can improve efficiency and save labor cost. IBC tanks have various sizes and shapes. But the most commonly used volumes are 275 gallons and 330 gallons. Also, the most commonly used dimension of the IBC tank is 48”x 40”x 46” since this size can be perfectly fit on the pallet.

Our ICB recycling shredder reduces the volume of waste plastic drums, greatly lowering transportation and storage costs. This shredder plays an important role in the efficient and low-cost recycling process of waste plastic drums, totes and barrels.


What is IBC tank shredder?
IBC tank shredder is a size reduction machine available for shredding the IBC tank. It normally is heavy-duty machine with very big motor power and gearbox. This is due to the features of IBC tank such as the size of the IBC tank, the raw material of the IBC tank, etc. IBC is short for Intermediate Bulk Container. The rigid outer IBC tank is usually made from galvanized tubular steel or iron. The IBC tanks are made of very durable plastic such as woven polypropylene or polyethylene.

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IBC Recycling Shredder Features:
High output capacity of up to 100t/h.
Vertical ram increases shredding ability.
2 independently driven shredding shafts ensure the highest flexibility.
Depending on the material, the shaft rotation speed, rotation direction and reversing times can be adjusted.
The stable output size of 40-100mm stripes (irregular size but volume-reduced), depending on shredder blade width.


IBC Tank Recycling Shredder Applications
IBC recycling shredder machine can shred chemical barrels, plastic kegs, plastic tank, plastic barrel, plastic container, plastic tote, plastic drum, jerrycans, plastic IBCs from 25L to 250L.


Benefits of Shredding IBC Tank Plastic Drum
Protect brand identity and eliminate fraudulent product use.
Save your storage space.
Reclaim clean and granulated regrind that is high-valued.
Size reduction for easy transportation.
HDPE flakes


IBC Tank Recycling Shredder Videos:

The output of our plastic drum shredders goes to a granulator for further size reduction to 12mm flakes. Such granulator is internally connected, skipping the use of a conveyor.

Optionally, an HDPE recycling system can clean the granules by going through washing, intensive washing, drying, and pneumatic collection. During the washing stages, sink-float tank and friction washer cleanse contaminated flakes.

In the end, the centrifugal dryer can dewater flakes in one step and meet a water content of less than 1%.

The Automation of the HDPE-PP Recycling Process is achieved and it aims at Maximum Productivity with the Lowest Energy and Water Consumption. HDPE-PP Washing Lines have a throughout from 500 to 4000 kg/h.

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