Bulky Waste Recycling

Bulky waste recycling machines can treat mattresses, sofas, used furniture, refrigerators, home appliances, decoration waste, garden waste, packaging waste and other bulky household waste, etc. The whole process includes shredding and separating the system. PLC intelligent system realized high automatic, the bulky waste recycling line just needs 1-2 man to operate. With over 20 years of experience in recycling, Wanrooe not only mastered the key technology but also improved machine designs to address specific product features. Wanrooe offers bulky waste recycling solutions that are high output and low energy consumption.


What is bulky waste?
Bulky waste refers to waste that weighs more than 5 kg, has a volume greater than 0.2 cubic meters, or has a length of more than 1 meter, is integral and needs to be disassembled for reuse or disposal. Bulky waste mainly includes waste furniture (such as sofas, cabinets, and beds) and various waste household appliances (such as washing machines, TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.) generated in residents’ daily lives that are large in size and integral and need to be disassembled for reuse. (such as washing machines, TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators); gardening waste such as branches and trunks from residential areas and urban greening maintenance operations.

Bulky Waste Recycling Line for mattress furniture


Why do we need to recycle bulky waste?
With the accelerated construction of new urbanization and the increasing improvement of people’s living standards, the frequency of replacement of bulky waste has increased, which has brought about many problems such as piles of bulky waste, large size not easy to dismantle or incomplete dismantling, low efficiency and safety of manual dismantling, too bulky to transport and transfer. So, the collection of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, intelligent and other technologies of bulky waste disposal systems is applied and born.


Bulky waste generating units and individuals will put bulky waste into the designated dumping place. The person responsible for the management of bulky waste should put the bulky waste generated within its management area, hand over to the municipal environmental sanitation operation service units in accordance with the regulations for removal, centralized standardized transport to the bulky waste transfer sorting site, through manual sorting, machine crushing, transport to the incineration plant to incinerate power generation, resource utilization. Bulky waste recycling program for bulky waste collected by the city’s environmental health operations service units to the bulky waste disposal site through the equipment for dismantling, the recyclable part of the collection and reuse of heavy metals and toxic substances, such as harmless treatment, beautify the cityscape while achieving resource recycling.


After the disposal of bulky waste, such as bamboo and wood can be made into wood-plastic panels and fiberboard, iron and springs can be melted back into the furnace, plastics can be used for cracking and refining oil, sponges can be made into recycled cotton, shoe soles, car interior parts, etc., and rags and leather can be used as fuel for waste power plants.


Bulky waste recycling solutions
WANROOETECH bulky waste recycling solution integrates hardware and software with a modular design. The bulky waste recycling line covers chain conveyor, double shaft shredder, magnetic separator, dust collector, intelligent control system, etc.


The grab truck places the bulky waste on the metal chain conveyor, conveys it to the bulky waste shredder, and shreds it into smaller size materials, the iron remover sorts out the wire, iron pieces and other metals, and the other materials are packed and transported or directly sent to the waste removal truck. The whole production line is equipped with a professional dust reduction system, which realizes rapid waste transfer, effective capacity reduction and reasonable classification and treatment.


According to years of on-site feedback problems, it solves several major problems of bulky waste shredding machines: hanging material problem, crushing strength problem, dust leakage problem, etc. The new tool structure, variable speed tearing program and spindle indicate that the problem of hanging material has been solved, eliminating doubts in users’ minds. The whole system is airtight, the shredder and conveyor sheet metal are overlapped, buckled and glued together, and the collection of pulse dust removal system can effectively exclude dust.


Bulky Waste Recycling Process: 

Bulky Waste Recycling Process


Bulky Waste Recycling Final Produce:

Bulky Waste Final Produce


Bulky waste recycling solutions’ advantages
The whole production line realizes automatic production, high efficiency, high output, only 3-4 people can complete the daily processing capacity of 20-80 tons; the system is integrated from crushing, conveying, sorting, fully enclosed design, equipped with dust and noise reduction equipment, dust, noise and other indicators to meet the standards; the core equipment twin-shaft shredder, high shear force, high capacity reduction rate, can adapt to the crushing of various types of bulky waste, and ensure long-term stable operation; the whole process is controlled by Siemens PLC automation, to achieve centralized equipment management, automatic fault response, intelligent maintenance scheduling.


According to the operation site, there are three layout options for you to choose from: linear, L-shaped and sunken; at the same time, we can also tailor-made design according to your needs to create a suitable large waste disposal solution for you.


Working principle of bulky waste shredder
Bulky waste shredder is the use of two relative rotations of the knife between the mutual shear, tearing principle of material crushing. The use of “double motor + double planetary reducer”, strong power, high stability of operation. It is often used in municipal waste disposal, resource recycling, waste incineration pretreatment and other environmental protection fields. The equipment has the characteristics of low speed and high torque, with large shearing force, good shredding effect, low noise and good stability. In addition, the equipment is equipped with magnetic separation can be used wood, and metal sorting, more conducive to later recycling.


Application of the bulky waste recycling line
Mainly applicable to waste mattresses, sofas, used furniture, refrigerators, home appliances, decoration waste, garden waste, packaging waste and other bulky household waste.

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