Medical Waste

What is medical waste?
Medical waste refers to medical institutions that have direct or indirect infectious, toxicity, and other harmful waste generated in medical, prevention, health care, and other related activities. Specifically include infectivity, pathological, damage, drug, and chemistry. waste. These waste contain a large number of bacteria and viruses, and there is a certain characteristic of space pollution, acute viral infection and latent infection. If you don’t strengthen management, you will discard it, anything is mixed into your living environment, will pollute Atmospheric, water, land and animal plants, resulting in disease transmission, serious harmful people’s physical and mental health. All medical waste and domestic waste are absolutely not mixed.

Hazard of medical waste:
Medical waste contains different degrees of bacteria, viruses and harmful substances. Moreover, the organics in the waste not only breed mosquitoes cause the dissemination of the disease, but also released at the ammonia gas (NH3), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which released the decomposition, generated a variety of harmful substances, contaminated the atmosphere, and endangering human health; At the same time, it is also the main cause of cross infection and air pollution in the hospital, and cross-infections caused by medical waste account for 20% of the social crossharge rate.

How to dispoal medical waste?
First we need to be classification of medical waste, according to whether it is used, we can divide medical waste into two categories, one is unused, such as expired drugs, unqualified needle tubes, glass bottles, etc. You can choose medical waste crushers and medical waste needle syringe destroyer machine to process, prevent expiration drugs and unqualified medical products from flowing into the market; the other is used for medical waste with autoclave, such as gauze, expired drugs, animal bodies, infusion bottles, human body infusion needles, infusion tubes, etc. we need to shredding the treatment of sterilization, we provide medical waste shredder, medical waste sterilizer, medical waste incinerator, medical waste shredder with sterilizer machine, and automatic medical waste disposal machine. For the different requirements of the customer, we also provide a variety of options, which are limited to the island, clinic, etc., the handleable customers are relatively small, we provide small medical waste shredder with sterilizer machine; for daily needs medical treatment The amount of waste is relatively high, we provide automatic medical waste disposal machine, first medical waste, then in progress, we have a professional engineer, depending on your treatment of medical waste, whether to use, use place, delivery requirements, budgets, etc., provide more suitable for your medical waste disposal plan, now contact us now!