Tire Tyre Shredder

Tire shredder machine is mainly suitable for waste bicycle tires, electric car tires, motorcycle tires, tricycles, sedan tires, bus tires, off-road automotive tires, agriculture and forestry machinery tires, light load-bearing automotive tires, engineering machinery tires, industrial vehicles Rubber products such as tires, force tires, special vehicle tires, aviation tires and other waste tires.
Tyre shredder is your good choice for converting waste tyres into rubber shreds. Equipped with different sizes of screen, WANROOETECH Shredders produce different sizes, from small to medium or large shredded pieces based on your specific need. Also, our granulators can convert the shredded tires into even smaller sizes for further processing in tyre recycling cycle. Different capacities of shredders and granulators are available in WANROOETECH product range.

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