Rice Straw Shredder Recycling Machine

Why do we need rice straw shredder recycling machines?
By converting waste into energy, straw shredding systems (rice straw shredders) are becoming increasingly popular. Straw is used as an alternative fuel to produce electricity or heat. It is developed from plant or agricultural waste, such as wood, garden trimmings, and residues from crops and animals. These materials become useful again through the production of biofuels. However, in order to produce biomass for energy, the feed material first needs to be chopped and pelletized to the right size.


A twin-shaft shredder is an ideal model if a high output of 30-50 t/h is desired. Thanks to its high torque and oversized cavity, bales and loose material can be easily broken down and reduced.


With our single, twin and four-shaft shredder technology, we can help you produce straw as efficiently as possible. In order to provide the best recycling solution, we listen to and analyze our customers’ requirements before recommending the most suitable machinery.


Why recycle rice straw waste?
Among the various renewable energy sources, vigorous development is restricted and questioned due to the potential ecological risks of nuclear energy and large hydropower, and regional resource constraints such as wind and geothermal, while biomass is recognised for its ubiquity, abundance and renewability. Biomass includes plants, animals and microorganisms, with representative biomass such as crops, crop waste, wood, wood waste and animal manure. Biomass is currently widely used for power generation, but biomass shredding is commonly required before it can be converted into heat or electricity.


Waste Rice Straw Recycling Process:
Rice straw waste → rice straw shredder → biomass power generation


What is rice straw shredder?
The rice straw shredder is a machine for size reduction of MSW/SRF/RDF, farm waste, organic waste, food waste, logs and sawmill residues. It has been developed based on over 20 years of experience in the energy industry and is built to last. The throughput is sized to suit many applications such as pallet production or the incineration of solid fuels.


A rice straw shredder also goes by the name straw chipper and finds its application reducing the amount of agricultural waste in an effective manner. Though the majority of the paddy straw in the agricultural field is used for various purposes like animal feed, animal bedding, and other uses, much of it results as waste material, which needs to be treated properly to reduce pollution levels. Many farmers incorporate the use of straw shredders as they become aware of its advantages.


The rice straw shredder or the straw chipper reduces the waste straw materials into smaller pieces or particles, which can be reused for some other purpose or can be easily decomposed by burying them in landfills. They have proved greatly beneficial for the agricultural practitioners or the farmers owing to the following advantages offered:


– The use of a straw shredder reduces the amount of agricultural waste and thus, creates more space for farming and practicing agriculture.
– They tend to discard the waste decomposition methods like burning the paddy straw which leads to greater air pollution.
– The shredded straw particles can be reused for some other purposes by some major industries.
– The shredded straw can also be recycled to be fed to the cattle or to serve as animal bedding.
– The use of straw shredder has benefited many farmers in monetary terms as it is highly cost-effective and thus reduces their financial problems.
– They are highly efficient machines that can be easily operated by a farmer and need no extra workforce.
– The rice straw shredder is also highly energy efficient and thus reduces the burden of the exhaustion of the Earth’s natural resources.

Application areas of the rice straw shredder
Wood industry: tree trunks, branches, bamboo, wooden pallets
Household use: garden pruning, food waste
Industrial use: wooden boxes, wooden pallets, size reduction of wooden products
Agricultural use: sugar cane, straw, agave bagasse, sugar cane waste.
Briquetting and pelletizing.

rice straw shredder for Biomass waste


Advantages of the rice straw shredder
High output, from 10 to 40 tonnes/hour.
The controllable output size of approx. 50 mm.
Helps prevent the depletion of natural resources due to the generation of renewable energy
Diversion from landfill
Reduces waste
Works with pelletizer to produce high calorific wood fuel
Easy to use and maintain
Environmentally friendly operation
Our robust straw shredders are highly customizable to meet the needs of the energy industry and recycling business.


Rice Straw shredded for use as fuel
Renewable raw materials can be used sustainably on a regional scale as bioenergy, with considerable production and utilisation potential.

Compared to loose material, pressing straw into formed coal improves combustion performance. In the form of briquettes, the biomass raw material can be ideally used for combustion in a heating furnace.

By using your own energy, you can become independent and generate sustainable heat with a clear conscience.


Our rice straw shredder experts are ready to help you turn your waste into energy. Interested in learning more about our straw shredders or crushers? Please feel free to get in touch with us!

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