Textile Fabric Cloth Shredder

Textile fabric cloth shredder is suitable for crushing all kinds of waste clothes, waste cloth, machine head material, all kinds of waste corner material, all kinds of waste edge foot material, old clothes, cowhide, fiber, old shoes, carpet, quilt clothing and all kinds of waste life, office supplies, etc. The discharging size can be adjusted according to user’s requirement.
Every year in our country, a large number of clothes and fabrics due to elimination and renewal of a large number of waste cloth, directly used to landfill or incineration is too wasteful. Because the fabric contains a large amount of fiber and organic matter, it can be burned to generate electricity or recycled, reducing waste and generating economic benefits. The clothes must be broken before processing. Scrap clothes crusher is mainly used to make old clothes, scrap cloth, cotton, textiles and other materials, through tearing to loosen the large kink fiber into cotton batting shape, so as to further processing and utilization.

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