Biomass Shredder Machine

Biomass shredder machine is a kind of practical mechanical equipment specially used for biomass energy recovery and reuse. It is suitable for the crushing and refining treatment of biomass materials. It can process the materials to a smaller particle size at one time. The cutting tools of the equipment are made of imported materials from Europe, with better wear resistance and large shearing force. The equipment is customized according to the actual needs of customers, and the discharging size can be controlled. Applicable to corn straw, straw, sugar cane, wood chips and other biomass. if you have a lot of relevant resources, you can consider investing in biomass shredder it will create huge wealth for you. These materials are processed and broken by biomass shredder machines and can be used as combustion materials in biomass power plants. This development enables the recycling of waste. Biomass shredding machine is mainly using double motor, reducer design, drive crushing room double shaft for stick moving, shearing, extrusion and other ways to crush the material, the crushed material through the transport to the aggregate site, the whole process is environmental protection and energy saving is one of the modern shredding biomass equipment.

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