Foam Recycling Shredder

Foam Shredder and Foam Recycling
Foam shredder(foam crusher) can turn foam waste into reusable materials. Foam is used for everything in our daily lives, from filling in bed to upholstering furniture to insulating buildings, from the packaging to the disposable beverage cup.

Due to the wide range of applications for foam in the consumer goods and food and beverage sectors, the use of foam is becoming increasingly important. In industrial applications, millions of tons of foam are produced every year and, as a result, a large part of the foam waste is generated. The proper recycling of this foam waste is becoming very vital not only for our economy but also for the environment.

How to recycling scrap foam?
Foam plastic recycling machines, such as foam shredders and granulators play a big role in size reduce scrap foam.

Typically, we utilize a single shaft shredder to break down foam then use a granulator further size reduced to 12mm. Facing voluminous foam, a twin shaft shredder comes in handy to recycle.

Single shaft shredder Foam Shredding Machine Video:

Foam Shredder Application
There are three main types of foam: polystyrene foam (EPS and XPS foam), polyethylene foam (PE foam) and polyurethane foam (PU foam).
EPS foam is bonded by numerous small beads of expanded foam and is most often seen in the production of disposable beverage packaging and cups.
XPS foam is mainly used as an insulating material in the construction industry.
PU foam is used for the production of furniture upholstery, furniture fabrics and sports mats, etc. A means of protecting the packaging to prevent the goods from being damaged during transport.

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EPS(Extruded polystyrene) foam or XPS (Expanded polystyrene) foam
PE foam (Polyethylene foam)
PU Foam (polyurethane foam)
Fortunately, all these three types of foam are recyclable, and nowadays, many recycling plants are set up to recycle this foam waste.

What can you do with shredded foam?
Packaging field: crushed foam plastic can be made into various packaging materials, such as protective packaging, cushion, buffer glue, etc., to protect products from damage during transportation and handling. For example, in the electronic product industry, because electronic products are usually fragile and sensitive to vibration, vibration and other external environments, foam packaging is required to ensure that products are not damaged during transportation and handling. In the furniture industry, some fragile furniture accessories or exquisite decorations also need to be well packaged to avoid damage during transportation.
Shock absorption field: broken foam plastic can be used as shock absorption materials, such as making helmets, insoles, etc. It can absorb energy during impact, reduce the force of the impact, and thus reduce personnel injuries.
Construction field: crushed foam plastic can be used for filling projects, such as roads, railways, bridges, houses, subways, etc. It has a high porosity, good toughness, and strong durability, which can greatly slow down the settlement that occurs in some engineering projects and gradually lead to crack collapse.

foam bale Shredded foam
These shredded particles can be added to the concrete to make constructions or can be cleaned, heated, extruded and pelletized to make new products such as lightweight furniture, packaging, furniture and bed filling, cushions, fences, flowers pots, etc.

Wanrooetech supplies all types of shredding and granulating equipment. You can contact us for discussing your foam recycling project. Our single shaft shredder, twin-shaft shredder and granulator are your right choice for foam recycling. Our sales and technical team will be pleased to help you find an optimal solution.

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