Plastic Bucket Drum Barrel

Plastic bucket barrels drums are mostly used for the storage and transportation of various liquids. They have good characteristics for special dangerous goods packaging. They are not fragile, rust-free, light, etc., and have excellent oil resistance and strong corrosion resistance. They are mostly used for needs. Dangerous goods packaging for heat preservation, moisture proof, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance. Plastic barrels are mostly made of polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester and other plastics by blow molding, injection molding, blister molding, and rotational molding. They are mostly used to contain liquids and solid objects in the chemical, pesticide, pharmaceutical, food, hardware and electronics, electromechanical and other industries. Specifications range from 0.25L to 220L. However, once the plastic barrels are used up of internal materials, they become waste materials. Because of their large volume and large gaps, they are not easy to handle. Plastic barrel shredder can effectively reduce the volume of waste plastic barrels and greatly reduce transportation and storage costs. Therefore, it plays an important role in the efficient and low-cost recycling process of waste plastic barrels/barrels.

WANROOETECH Plastic Bucket Barrels Drum Shredder
The recycled plastic barrels are made into plastic pellets, which are used as raw materials for the manufacture of new plastic products. They can also be recycled as fuel. No matter how big your waste plastic bucket is (usually the size of a plastic bucket ranges from 0.25 L to 220 L), and how much size the shredded pieces need, the WANROOETECH series of plastic shredder crusher equipment can always meet your needs. We have crushers and shredders, as well as single shaft shredder, double-shaft shredder, or even four-shaft shredder, and can provide various blade designs. Our team is happy to help you choose the right plastic drum shredder model to meet your specific needs. Contact us now to get the best solution for your project.