Organic Waste

How organic waste shredder or green waste shredder is applied for size reduction in organic waste recycling?
Organic Waste, also called Green Waste, refers to all sorts of scrap organic materials such as food (fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood, egg shells, etc.), garden and lawn clippings, animal and plant based material (bones, shells, animal carcasses, leaves, twigs, branches, flowers, etc.) as well as degradable carbon (paper, cardboard, wood, etc.). Disposing organic waste in landfill not only takes up space, waste resources but also releases methane which is a greenhouse gas. It is a good way to make compost and fertilizer out of these organic wastes. With the advance of technology, nowadays there are also specialized facilities that can turn organic waste into bio-gas. Organic waste shredder is the important organic waste recycling machine in the whole process.

After collection, shredding is an initial step in organic waste processing. The benefits of shredding organic waste are multifold, a shredder can reduce the volume up to 50% which greatly facilitates handling and disposal convenience. Not to mention that shredding can speed up organic waste’s composting process by 10 times which is the key to successful composting. The shredder line can process organic waste such as green waste, food waste, garden waste, slaughterhouse waste, goods with expired shelf-life to produce compost and bio-gas. The shredded and squeezed organic waste can be used for composting directly.

WANROOETECH range of single shaft and double shaft shredders offers various types of rotors, knives and cutting technologies for your size reduction needs. There are different sized machines available catering to different capacity and output size requirements. If you are not sure which shredding machine is right for you, please feel free to contact our WANROOETECH team to get the optimal solution for your organic waste shredding project.