Rubber shredder machine transmission installation requirements and matters needing attention


Rubber shredder machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used for all kinds of required materials for fine crushing, generally used for processing raw materials or scraps, make its size smaller. Can be shredded plastic or rubber scraps as raw materials after melting granulation, used to make plastic bottles, tires or trash cans and so on.

The importance of transmission devices for each piece of equipment is beyond doubt, which of course also includes rubber shredding machine equipment. The transmission device of rubber shredder machine equipment is also one of its main components, which is an important part of the normal operation of rubber shredding machines. If you want the rubber shredding machine equipment to keep good working state and effect for a long time and stably, you need the balance and reliability of its transmission device.

So, how to better ensure the daily work and normal operation of the rubber shredder machine in the work? That is naturally inseparable from the stable branch of the equipment transmission, the same, the installation of the transmission device is more serious and ensure.

However, in order to ensure the stability and reliability of the transmission device of the rubber shredding machine, the first step is its installation. Only when it is properly installed and fixed in place can the shredding machine run better and play the role of the shredding machine better. Here, we will first understand the transmission device in the rubber shredding machine installation are what aspects of the requirements and need to pay attention to the place.

First of all, the rubber shredder machine needs to drive the motor to control the speed of the equipment and shredding work, so the reduction of the transmission system is relatively large, so it should be more suitable to choose the reduction system;

Secondly, rubber shredding machine will produce a lot of circumferential force in the operation of low-speed gear, so we need to pay special attention to the requirements of high-speed ratio and high torque for parts;

Furthermore, when the machine is started, it not only needs to strictly control the friction torque between the supporting wheel shaft and bearing but also needs to strictly control the moment of inertia between the drum body and the material. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the motor with a larger starting torque;

Finally, the material in the rubber shredding machine through the work of the equipment and shredding movement to complete the physical and chemical changes of the time required by the material characteristics and material processing conditions and other important factors are different, therefore, also need to change the relative speed can correspond to the change, in order to be able to fast and slow, And can be properly and steadily from one-speed balance to another speed transition.

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Pay attention to the above important factors to ensure the stable operation of the transmission device, in order to better install and use the transmission device, but also to better ensure the normal use of rubber shredding machine equipment and more long-term stable operation.

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