How to recycle waste clothes


Why do we recycle waste clothes?
With the development of the garment industry, more and more old clothes are being eliminated and replaced with new ones. It is too wasteful to burn them directly or bury them in landfill. According to experts’ research, since the fabric of clothing contains a large amount of fiber and organic matter, a large number of broken clothes for incineration of power generation, or for recycling and papermaking, can not only reduce the pollution of solid waste but also effectively recycle and utilize renewable resources. It is one of the most important procedures to deal with the crushing process in the early stage.
The recycled old clothes are mainly used as recycled raw materials for making bedding or incineration materials for thermal power stations after being shredded and shredded.

Why do we recycle waste clothes

How to recycle old clothes?
The main recycling methods of waste textiles include physical recycling (that is, crushing and shredding), chemical recycling and energy recycling.
1. Physical recovery is to decompose or crush old clothes textiles with old clothes shredding machine, without destroying the chemical structure of the polymer and without changing its composition. It is processed by collecting, classifying, purifying, drying and adding necessary auxiliary agents, and then re-used in the production of fabrics. Physical recovery is often used for single component natural fiber or synthetic fiber, such as waste wool fiber recovery and polyester fiber recovery. However, the classification of blended fiber is difficult, so its applicability is relatively poor. The technical requirements of physical recovery and utilization are high, the classification is difficult, the pre-treatment application of machinery and equipment is more, the cost is high, and the recovery process is complex.


2. Chemical recycling is to deal with waste textiles by chemical methods. The polymer in waste textiles of natural fibers or chemical fibers is depolymerized, decomposed and repolymerized to extract silk, so as to get monomers, and then use these monomers to manufacture new fibers. Chemical recovery does not apply to natural fibers. Because of the complex composition of natural fiber, it is almost impossible to classify and recycle. For synthetic fibers, chemical recovery can be adopted, but the chemical recovery process is quite complex, and many chemical solvents and chemical substances need to be added, so that the recovery cost is correspondingly increased and difficult to apply.
3. Energy recovery is to convert the chemical fibers with high calorific value in waste textiles into heat through incineration for thermal power generation. This method is suitable for those waste textiles that cannot be recycled.

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Wanrooetech Machinery has developed and manufactured a clothing shredding machine according to the characteristics of clothing and cloth. Clothes and cloth have good toughness and extremely tensile resistance, so the fabric crushing machine suitable for crushing clothing cloth should be equipped with anti-winding equipment, otherwise, the winding of the clothing crusher will cause the motor to burn out. Clothes crusher cutter adopts imported materials, according to the material characteristics of the knife using the physical principle of precise calculation, design and manufacture of the unique knife, crushing efficiency is high. The specially set anti-winding equipment can not only prevent the winding machine but also make the material pass through the crusher quickly, thus improving the crushing efficiency.
Wanrooetech mechanical cloth shredder adopts shearing type crusher, the use of alloy steel manufacturing blade, can directly squeeze and tear the material, the minimum cloth up to 20mm small size. Suitable for all kinds of textile fiber material, all kinds of broken clothes, cloth clothing, cotton clothing, fiber shirt, floral skirt, chiffon material, nylon material, plastic agricultural film, woven bag, plastic film bag, can be broken at a time to meet customer requirements of the crushing size effect.

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