How to avoid chipping of industrial shredding blades?


The industrial shredding blade is an essential processing tool in industrial production, which improves the production power of the company and promotes the development of the company. Although the single/double shaft blade has been widely used, many production plant staff are in the process of improper operation, the formation of a variety of different results, the following wanrooetech industrial shredding machine manufacturer to explain how to avoid rubber shredder blade chipping in the process of operation.

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Industrial shredder blade life length in addition to material reasons, there is a major factor affecting the Industrial shredding machine and tool life, that is, whether the actual operation process in accordance with the correct and reasonable method of use, if the improper operation will make the Industrial shredder machine blade and single shaft shredder blade life will be greatly shortened. In the process of using the industrial shredder, we should pay attention to what problems?

Industrial shredding machine as a tool for crushing materials, its crushing effect speaks for itself before use must pay attention to try to pick out the hard metal inside the material, we all know that the Industrial shredding machine blade even the most common high-carbon steel material, the hardness is also in about 50 degrees, and once the knife claw touches the hard metal, it is extremely easy to cause the edge of the chipping. So in order not to let the shredder blade be damaged, must be easy to cause damage to the metal material picks out.

Three types of shredder machine blade installation

Three types of industrial single shaft shredder blade installation

double shaft shredder knife blades

There are also users who buy shredder blade that is originally shredded metal, such as electrical shells, car shells, etc., shredding these metals need to choose a special material, such as H13, H13K, so that these metal shells can be shredded. However, if there is too large a volume of metal such as large steel blocks, etc. should also try to pick out, to avoid shredding when the blade caused too high a load, which will also be easy to cause the knife to the chipped edge.

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