Fiber Filament Scrap Shredder Machine


What is filament fiber?
Fibers can be classified as either filament fibers or staple fibers. Filament fibers are long, continuous fibers, while staple fibers are the non-continuous fibers of relatively short length. Natural fiber like silk or synthetic like Nylon belongs to filament fibers. Filament fibers are an important element in the textile industry.

Why shredding filament scrap?
During the textile manufacturing process, there are scrap filament generated. Recycling filament scrap not only saves landfill space, reduces global warming, but also protects natural resources. Moreover, recycling filament scrap generates more working opportunities for the general republic. Shredding always comes first when it refers to recycling old materials. The filament scrap recycling process includes cleaning, shredding, grinding and extruding. So shredding and grinding filament scrap to a size small enough to fit through the extruder is quite necessary and important. Then filament scrap shredder and grinder make great sense in the whole recycling process.

How to choose a proper filament scrap shredder?
The choice of the right filament scrap shredder for your needs pretty much depends on your required shredding throughput and final particle size after shredding for the filament scrap.

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Shredding throughput mainly depends on the size of the machine including hopper size, shredding chamber size, power size, etc. The bigger the chamber is, the more material can be handled each time and therefore more efficient; the bigger the power is, the higher capacity and speed the machine can generate. Another factor to consider is the required size after shredding. If there is no specific size requirement, you can consider double shaft filament scrap shredder as this series of machine do not have screen for controlling shredded size. But if there is a specific requirement for shredded size, then you can choose from single shaft filament scrap shredder or granulator which has screen mounted at the machines’ outlet. Screen mesh size is customizable, but the smaller the screen mesh, the smaller the capacity based on the same machine.

Buy WANROOETECH brand filament scrap shredder
WANROOETECH is a reputable brand for shredders. Our filament scrap size reduction machines are available in various different designs and sizes. There are single shaft filament shredders, double shaft filament shredders as well as filament scrap granulators. If you are not sure which filament scrap shredder you should choose, please always feel free to contact us. Our WANROOETECH team would be very pleased to discuss with you and propose the most optimal solution for your case.

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