Waste wood pallet shredder β

Waste Wooden Pallet Shredder β is a powerful and professional machine designed for processing waste wooden pallets. It utilizes high-strength blades and power system to ensure fast and efficient crushing of waste wooden pallets and shorten the processing time. The wear-resistant blade design extends the service life and reduces maintenance costs. Meanwhile, the equipment is equipped with safety functions such as automatic reversing and overload protection to ensure safe operation. The equipment is widely used in logistics, warehousing and other industries, and can quickly process waste wooden pallets, reduce volume and facilitate storage and transportation.

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Background of Wooden Pallet Recycling

The background of recycling of used wooden pallets mainly stems from resource conservation and environmental protection considerations. With the rapid development of the logistics industry, a large number of wooden pallets are consumed and discarded, which not only leads to excessive consumption of wood resources, but also has a negative impact on the environment. At the same time, the accumulation of used wooden pallets also increases the operating costs of enterprises. Therefore, recycling used wooden pallets for reuse or reprocessing can not only effectively reduce the waste of resources and environmental pollution, but also bring economic benefits to enterprises!

Application Fields

Waste wood pallet shredder shows its importance in many fields. In the logistics and warehousing industry, it effectively solves the problem of disposal of waste wooden pallets, reduces the volume through rapid shredding, facilitates storage and transportation, and improves work efficiency. In terms of resource recycling and reuse, the shredded wood pallet fragments can be used as biomass energy source or raw materials for making other wood products, which realizes the recycling of wood and reduces the negative impact on the environment.

Design Features:


Rugged and efficient cutting system

» large 11.8″ (300 mm) diameter rotor and large screen area for high throughput

» 2-way indexable rotor knives

» knife holders are bolted down for easy replacement

» effective self-feeding

» tried, tested, and proven Wanrooe cutting system

Pusher-free design

» self-feeding design pulls pallets automatically into the cutting chamber

» no hydraulics required

» less maintenance

Trouble-free drive system

» rugged and powerful shredder drive

» gearbox shock damping system

Smart shredder control functions

» automatic detection and shut down for unshreddable items

» automatic reversing if motor overloads

» operator friendly controls

» automatic shut down when idling

Ease of maintenance

» quick and easy access to the cutting system

» easy cleaning and removal of unshreddable items

» fast rotor knife and knife holder change

Wooden pallet shredder β features

Automatic feeding with no pusher design:

The shredder adopts an automatic feeding system, which can realize continuous feeding without manual intervention, greatly improving work efficiency.
The pusherless design means there is no need to rely on a hydraulic system to push material into the shredder, which simplifies the equipment structure and reduces maintenance costs.

Automatic shredding of pallets:

The shredder’s powerful shredding capabilities make it easy to pulverize used wood pallets into small pieces or chips without additional tools or handling.
This process is fast and efficient and can significantly reduce the volume of material for subsequent processing and utilization.

Low maintenance costs:

The shredder has a long service life thanks to the blades made of wear-resistant materials and the sturdy and durable body structure.
The equipment is reasonably designed and easy to maintain and service, reducing maintenance costs.

Larger screen area:

The shredder is equipped with a larger screen area, which can effectively screen and separate different sizes of material fragments.
This design enables the equipment to realize high throughput and improve productivity during processing.

User-friendly controls:

The shredder is equipped with an easy-to-operate control device, which enables users to easily grasp the operating status and parameter settings of the equipment.
The controls have a user-friendly, intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to monitor and operate the equipment.

Rugged, Powerful Shredder Drive:

The shredder utilizes a rugged, powerful drive to ensure that the equipment maintains stability and reliability over long periods of operation.
The drive has enough power and torque to easily handle different types of waste wood pallets.

Foreign object protection function and motor overload automatic reversing function:

The shredder is equipped with a foreign object protection function, which can automatically stop the machine when it encounters an unbreakable foreign object, avoiding equipment damage and safety accidents.
At the same time, the equipment is also equipped with motor overload automatic reversal function, when the motor load is too large can automatically reverse to reduce the load, to protect the motor from damage.
These functions together ensure the maximum uptime of the equipment and improve the stability and reliability of the equipment.

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Model WRPS-1300
Power 18kw
Rotor Ø 300 mm
Rotor speed at 60 Hz 60 rpm
Number of cutters 36 pcs
Feed opening 1324 x 220 mm
Weight 1000 kg
Noise level pressure LPA1m 82 dB (A)
Screen diameter 30 mm with chip breakers