Waste Plastic Spool Shredder Machine


Plastic Spool Shredder

Do you know a plastic spool shredder that can recycle plastic reels, spools or bobbins? Looking at numbers of used spools and bobbins piling up in your warehouse, is quite frustrating right? Regardless of your materials made of wood or plastic as well as size, Wanrooe shredder can size reduce to your desired particle size for recycling.

Waste Plastic Spool Shredder Machine

Plastic spools are massively used for winding cable, wire and thread. Molded by PPO or PP, sometimes glass fiber added, the plastic spools and bobbins are 100% recyclable by a proper mean of granulation.

For wooden spools, they consist of wooden cylinders and planks. They are also fully recyclable as animal bedding or fuel.


In general, we enable you to recycle

Spools for line-shaft conveyors
light-duty/heavy-duty spools/reels
Weld wire spools
Filament spools
Knock-down reels

Plastic Spool Shredder
The granulation can be 1-stage or 2-stage, depending on 2 factors: the way of feeding and capacity.

In-housing recycling with a low capacity of several hundred kilograms per hour, Wiscon suggests using one granulator. Simply by manually feeding in the bobbins, spools and plastic reject, you would get regrinds.

As for high capacity, Wanrooe suggests performing as below:


Single Shaft Shredder/Double Shaft Shredder + Extract Conveyor + Plastic Spool Granulator + Cyclone Collection. This means allowing a high capacity of up to 5 tons/hr, prevalent in the recycling industry. The overall process requires the least human intervention and is highly automated with amp control.


One reminder is to make sure your spools are smaller than our shredding chamber, especially when multiple spools are stacked up. We strongly suggest testing by our lab before ordering one shredding system. Other than plastic spools, we are welcome to take wooden spools and all kinds of plastic molding parts in form of filaments, rods, profiles, pipes, sheets, films, customized parts and plates.


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