Waste Plastic Profiles Shredder Machine


Plastic profiles are those plastic components produced during the extrusion process. So they are also referred to as plastic extrusions or plastic sections and can be in a variety of configurations. They are widely used and across many sectors including construction, manufacturing, transport, retail and events. How to handle these scrap plastic profiles that are out of service? Recycling plastic profiles is the best way to go for both the environment and economy. Plastic profiles shredder or granulator is a must during the size reduction process.

Waste Plastic Profiles Shredder Machine

How to recycle plastic profiles?

Take PVC window profiles for example. Firstly, they will be cut up in a plastic profile shredder. Then the coarse regrind will be further reduced to much smaller granules and passed through some separating and treatment processes for the PVC recyclate quality enhancement. Actually, such kind of PVC can also be recycled in multiple times without having an impact on the quality.

Plastic profiles shredder and granulator

Wanrooe provides various models of plastic profile shredders and granulators to suit different size and material plastic profiles. Single shaft shredder is the ideal solution for effective shredding of some difficult materials. For some specific material like plastic pipes, we also have vertical type and horizontal type pipe shredder for different options. Horizontal pipe shredder is especially designed for the efficient size reduction of various type of pipes or cores that are big in diameter, thick in wall and long in length. Such pipes or cores cannot be well handled by normal vertical feeding pipe shredders. Plastic profiles granulator aims to receive much smaller final particles which can be considered as pellets in later recycling step. So if you have any plastic profiles size reduction requirements, please contact our Wanrooe team for a complete turn-key recycling solution.

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