Waste Metal Shredding Machine Blocking Fault Treatment Method


Metal shredding machine is mainly used for crushing waste metal, increase its accumulation density in order to facilitate transportation, recycling. The equipment is widely used in tearing paint drums, diesel drums, thin iron sheets, car shells, metal pressure blocks, metal plate scraps and other scrap metal materials.

Metal shredding machine blade is made of high strength alloy steel, with strong wear resistance and high strength characteristics, differential operation between shafts, tearing, extrusion, occlusion and other functions, professional design for broken metal, with uniform discharge, large output, low noise and other advantages. The electrical part adopts Siemens electrical components programming control, with automatic overload protection and other functions.

In the production of metal shredding machine equipment, the congestion is the most afraid of meeting the problem of operation, because of the light, we need to use a bit of time, to repair it, heavy blade, may get stuck bad equipment maintenance is very troublesome, but it happened, metal shredding machine equipment jams is that it often happens problem, although a lot of time is we can through simple processing, it is very troublesome, a lot of customers in order to solve this problem, will learn a lot of prevention methods, to make it as far as possible to reduce the congestion occurs, so if the metal shredding machine equipment has been blocked, how should we in time to solve, it will not bring more trouble to our production, below is provided by wanrooetech machinery for you:

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First of all, if we find that there are few blockages in the production, we should reduce the cutting material first, eliminate the blockages first, and check whether there are any materials that are not suitable for shredding, and then check whether the blade is worn. If all of them are eliminated, then start production.

Secondly, we need to see if we feed too fast. If it is too fast, we need to adjust the speed of feeding, so that we can solve the problem of material blockage.

Finally, if in production, the blockage can not be excluded, be sure to shut down in time, you can open the material blockage this much, cause damage to the tool, and then check whether the distance between the blades is adjusted in place and whether the installation of the blade is complete.

Through the above inspection and processing, can very good solve the problem of metal shredding machine equipment jams, of course, if the congestion or the less is better, so the customer’s friends also want to do some prevention work before production or very be necessary, above provided by wanrooetech machinery for you, my factory is specialized in various types of shredding machine equipment research and development, Welcome customers to my factory for investigation and purchase.

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