Waste Fiber Cotton Curtain Shredder Machine


Wanrooetech Machinery is a professional production of curtain shredding machine manufacturers, we all know that the curtain curtains are made of cotton, hemp, yarn, silk, flocking, artificial fiber is made of, Wanrooetech Machinery to explain the role of curtain shredder machine is what?

Curtain shredder machine is mainly used to tear old curtains. Let old curtains get good recycling, not to cause serious pollution to the society. At the same time to our customers to create a very good income, then the customer asked the old curtain harm to environmental protection? And how to create good revenue for us? What are its market prospects?

Wanrooetech Machinery focuses on the damage caused by broken curtains to the environment? And how to create good revenue for us? What are its market prospects? These three points are done to solve the problem.

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One, the harm that old curtain causes to environmental protection?
Answer: the curtain is qualitative, hemp pledges, gauze pledges, silks and satins, plant flocking, man-made fiber is made. Destruction is very difficult, the city to secretly throw away at night, sanitation workers how to deal with? Transported to the garbage transfer station can not be treated is burned. In the past, rural areas were burned directly, but in recent years, the state has strictly controlled environmental protection. Burning is not allowed, so it is either buried or piled up. When the air is buried, the land will suffer. Zhengzhou Double jump machinery equipment Co., Ltd. for this difficulty specially developed a new curtain shredding machine, to solve this social problem, direct response to support the national environmental protection work.

Two, curtain shredder machine is how to create good profits for customers?
Answer: 1, raw materials are cheap and almost free of any money, mostly as long as the transportation cost. Only need to buy a Wanrooetech Machinery production of curtain shredder machine. After processing it, they sell it at a higher price to the fabric manufacturers. You can achieve low investment, high returns, and huge returns. Let you make a lot of money, but also for the national environmental protection to make a certain contribution.

Three, curtain shredder machine market prospects?
A: curtain shredder machine market is mechanical equipment based on environmental protection and energy-saving. First of all, the state has preferential policies for environmental protection and energy-saving mechanical equipment. The state will vigorously support this manufacturer. Raw materials are cheap and cost almost nothing, mostly just transportation costs. Cloth factory is not every city, but the old curtain, rags are every city and countryside are a large number of accumulation, so there is strong national support, after a large number of free raw materials for your use, after my professional analysis, do you think curtain shredding machine market prospects?

Curtain shredder machine video:

The curtain shredder machine produced by Wanrooetech Machinery is mainly environmental protection and energy saving so that customers can make money at the same time, but also make a due contribution to the cause of national environmental protection, welcome to our company to negotiate orders!

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