Waste Felt Recycling Shredder Machine


Why do we need waste felt recycling?

Recycling waste felt not only saves landfill space, and reduces global warming (natural fiber like wool, and cotton will produce methane during decomposition), but also requires less dye to make and protects natural resources. Moreover recycling waste felt generates more working opportunities for the general republic.

Waste Felt Recycling Shredder Machine

What is felt?

Felt is a textile material made by matting, condensing and pressing fibers together. People can either use natural fibers or use synthetic fiber to produce felt. Felt has wide applications including filters, insulation, toy, musical instrument, craft, noise control materials, packing materials, garments, construction, etc. A waste felt shredder is a necessary piece of equipment for waste felt recycling.

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How does recycling waste felt?

Recyclers firstly collected waste felt and then sort and grade based on different raw materials, then they will use a waste felt shredder to cut the sorted felt into fibers which can be compressed for mattress production. The shredded fiber can also be mixed up with other selected fibers to be further processed into new textile material through spinning, weaving or knitting. Recyclers can also turn recycled waste felt into fuel. Waste felt sent to the flocking industry is shredded to make filling material for car insulation, roofing felts, loudspeaker cones, panel linings and furniture padding. As you can see a waste felt shredder is a must-have piece of equipment in waste felt recycling.



Waste felt shredder from WANROOETECH

No matter what kind of waste felt you would like to shred and how to size the shredded pieces are desired to be, WANROOETECH’s range of waste felt shredders will have the right solution for your requirements. Both single-shafts, double-shaft shredders as well as granulators are available with various blades and rotor designs. Our team would be most delighted to help you find the optimal waste-felt recycling shredding solution.

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