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Egg Carton Shredder / Egg Carton Granulator
Egg carton is a very common household waste in our daily life. From the year 2000 to 2010, China’s egg consumption demand has maintained steady growth trend which is from 22.04 million tons to 28.27 million tons. The average annual growth rate is 2.52%. As such, we can imagine how much egg carton waste increased year by year. How to deal with the egg carton waste? Most of them do not need to be taking place in landfill as they are can be recycled or reused. During the egg carton recycling, some recycling machines such as egg carton shredders or egg carton granulators can be helpful.

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What are egg cartons made of?
Egg cartons can be made from cardboard or paper, or plastics like Styrofoam. From a recycling point of view, paper packaging egg cartons are easier to be recycled as they are more environmentally friendly. Styrofoam is more difficult to recycle.

Why do we need to recycle egg cartons?
If eggs are packaged in plastics, all we know plastics will pollute the environment. Even though it is the paper-based version of egg packaging which is biodegradable. If you throw it directly with general household rubbish, it will likely wind up in landfill but the decomposition process takes a lot longer and take up valuable space.

How to recycle egg cartons? What did egg carton shredder do in egg carton recycling?
Clean egg cartons can be recycled or reused. For example, an egg carton makes a great place to store extra small round items like golf balls and hold small items like earrings and necklaces. If egg cartons are crushed by an egg carton shredder or egg carton granulator, the recycling of egg cartons will be much easier. For example,

We can shred egg cartons into small pieces through an egg carton shredder or egg carton granulator. Then the shredded egg cartons can be used as bedding in a worm bin or make for tasty worm food.
Given the nature of paper egg carton construction, you can use finely shredded egg cartons and break them down very quickly in compost piles. Then you can be mixed in with the food at regular feedings in your garden or farm.

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