Waste Baskets Shredder Recycling Machine


What are waste baskets?
Waste baskets are containers for temporarily storing waste. They come in different sizes from small to big, and they have wide applications in our daily life. Generally speaking, there are two main types of waste basket, metal ones and plastic ones. Due to the properties of lightweight, high strength, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and ease of transport, plastic waste baskets are gaining more popularity, you can see them almost everywhere. So you can know a waste basket shredder is a machine that shreds waste baskets into small pieces.


Why do we need to recycle waste baskets?
Plastic waste baskets bring much convenience to our life, but in the meanwhile, a large quantity of used or broken baskets are generated. So we need to dispose of them properly. The landfill is not a long-term solution, because the degradation cycle of current plastics is at least 200 years in general. Plastic is a versatile and highly recyclable material, so it makes great sense of recycling waste plastic. Recycling waste baskets not only brings benefits to the economy but also brings benefits the environment.


Waste baskets recycling
Considering the bulky volume and void space of waste baskets, size reduction is the first step that a waste basket shredder can help. Plastic baskets are turned into small scraps after shredding, and those scraps will then be processed by sorting, cleaning, crushing, drying and mixing with new resin raw material or adding additives, and melting, and then re-made into new plastic raw material. All these recycled raw plastic materials can be made into a variety of plastic products.

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WANROOE waste baskets shredder machines
WANROOE specializes in providing size reduction machinery. Our wide range of shredders and crushers offers various types of rotors, knives and cutting technologies for shredding plastic waste baskets. Single shaft and double shaft shredders as well as plastic crushers and granulators are all available here. So contact PROSINO now for the right waste baskets shredder for your needs. View more size reduction machines here.

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