Multifunction Twin shaft Shredder Machine Maintenance


For the twin shaft shredder equipment, the two main components are power transmission and blades. It can be said that the quality of these two components determines the productivity of the equipment. Twin-shaft Shredder Maintenance is essential to prolong the service life of industrial twin shaft shredder machines.

Idling can warm up the shredder before starting the machine. It can make the motor transits into working condition, and then guarantee a better operation. At this time and then feeding production, twin shaft shredder efficiency and output will be more stable, yield and quality will be guaranteed.

Regularly add lubricating oil to machinery and equipment. This is basic maintenance measure is to add lubricating oil, if not regularly add lubricating oil to the bearings, it is easy to lead to plastic shredder friction, a long time down will easily damage, so attention should be paid to the addition of lubricating oil, so as to ensure that the twin shaft shredder can run smoothly.

Daily Check on Twin shaft Shredder
• Locate the machine on firm-level ground.
• Check machine is well supported and cannot move.
• Check jack stand is lowered and secure.
• Check all guards are fitted and secure.
• Check blades in place and fastened securely.
• Check motor and bearing are lubricated
• Check gear reducer fluid.
• Check all switches and electrical components are in order.
• Check controls as described below.
• Check (visually) for fluid leaks.
• Check the fuel and hydraulic oil levels.

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Twin shaft Shredder Maintenance

1. Disassembly and installation
In the disassembly and replacement of the need to pay attention to protect the alloy head, the alloy head damage will cause serious impact, thus causing unnecessary expenditure. In the disassembly process need to pay attention to avoiding sharp edges causing injury, to ensure safe disassembly.

2. Check
The first thing you need to do to maintain the shredder blade is to regularly check. Regular inspection is mainly to be able to view the degree of occlusion of the blade, if the occlusion does not match the phenomenon, it must be adjusted to avoid causing damage to the blade. At the same time pay attention to the twin shaft shredder repair before the place around the blade must be kept neat and tidy to avoid the existence of any debris.

3. Starting Shredder

For the inspection of the blade, it must be noted that the installation and inspection must be idle for thirty seconds after completion. Idling thirty seconds to see if there is any abnormality during shredding (cutting). And if there is an abnormal noise in the idling, then we must stop to check and ask for a twin-shaft shredder repair.

Users need to regularly check the condition of the wear parts of the twin-shaft shredder. If the shredder blade is severely worn, there will be poor crushing, low discharge rate and high noise, and leading to an uneven particle size of the material.

Adjust the size of the shredder screen, so as to control the size of the material. Regularly clean up the shredder crushing cavity inside the accumulation of material, so that its material can be unclogged.

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