The value of plastic water tank recycling in Africa


Use of water tanks in Africa

The popularity of water tanks in Africa stems from its diverse climatic conditions and inadequate infrastructure.Many areas face seasonal precipitation and drought problems. Water tanks serve as effective water storage tools that can collect rainwater during the rainy season for use in the dry season.At the same time, due to the lagging infrastructure development, water tanks have also become an important way for local residents and businesses to solve their own water problems.

The value of plastic water tank recycling 

Firstly, recycling plastic water tanks helps with the recycling of resources. After recycling, waste plastic water tanks can be converted into recycled materials for manufacturing new water tanks or other plastic products, thereby reducing the demand for original plastic resources and achieving effective recycling of resources.
Secondly, the recycling of plastic water tanks has a positive impact on environmental protection. If plastic waste is not properly disposed of, it may cause pollution to soil and water sources. By recycling plastic water tanks, the diffusion of these pollutants can be effectively avoided and the negative impact on the environment can be reduced.
In addition, the recycling of plastic water tanks also has certain economic benefits. The rise of the recycling industry has brought new development opportunities to related processing factories

Therefore, with the increase in the use time of water tanks and the need for replacement, the processing and recycling of a large number of old water tanks has become an urgent problem to be solved.But if we want to recycle the water tank efficiently, we must first understand the production materials of the water tank.

Plastic water tank production materials

Polyethylene (PE) material: It is one of the most widely used plastic water tank materials at present. It has the characteristics of environmental protection, acid and alkali resistance, high and low temperature resistance, good wear resistance and impact resistance, and can be used for a long time.

Polypropylene (PP) material: Compared with polyethylene, polypropylene has higher density, hardness and rigidity, giving water tanks made from it better structural strength and durability.

High-concentration polyethylene (LLDPE): Plastic water tanks made of LLDPE materials are also environmentally friendly, resistant to acid and alkali, high and low temperature, and can meet food-grade standards. They are very suitable for storing and transporting food, drinking water, etc.

Now we know, the purpose of recycling plastic water tanks is to obtain the material powder used to produce water tanks. How to deal with it becomes the key to recycling water tanks.

The difference between manual and mechanical recycling water tanks

Manual processing: The processing speed is slow, and the efficiency will decrease as the working hours extend.The treatment of some large-volume water tanks cannot meet expectations, and there will be greater safety risks during treatment.Over the long term, the overall cost will increase.

Mechanical processing: No matter what material the water tank is made of, it can be broken quickly, and it can also easily handle some large and high-hardness water tanks.Moreover, the stability of mechanical processing is higher, not affected by the working time, and the safety is more reliable.In the long run the cost will be much lower than manual processing.

Reasons for choosing our company’s machinery

Our water tank recycling machinery includes shredders, crushers and pulverizers, all of which use advanced processing technology and intelligent operating systems to process old water tanks efficiently and safely.Through shredding, crushing, grinding and other steps, old water tanks are converted into reusable materials, realizing the recycling of resources.At the same time, our recycling machinery is also easy to operate and maintain, and can adapt to the complex and changeable working environment in Africa.

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