WEEE Electronics Recycling

Electronics Recycling refers to turning waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) into useful materials. Electronic waste is divided into different categories, depending on their size and use. These devices contain valuable raw materials like iron, aluminum and copper, but also precious metals like gold and silver.

Electronic Recycling Shredding Solutions
More than 40 million tons of electronic scrap is generated annually, and that number will continue to increase. WANROOETECH offers shredders sized to fit in most e-scrap lines, and our years of experience building four-shaft shredders means that you will get the longest lasting and most reliable shredder in the industry.
WANROOETECH’s low-speed, high torque shredders are especially well suited for e-scrap shredding.

Their low speed and high torque enable tough materials to be shredded and greatly reduce the number of fine particles generated.
Particle size can be optimized for your separation equipment to give you the purest possible material streams.
Our experience with material processors worldwide enables us to design the shredder to best support your and your customers’ needs.
While reuse, where possible, is the best use of used electronic devices and components, most products eventually become obsolete and need to be disposed of. While electronic scrap disposal regulations vary widely across North America, recycling is always the best approach. Our team can work with you to provide the best shredders for your specific situation.

WEEE Electronics Recycling Shredder Video:

Why do we recycle WEEE?
First, there are many valuable raw materials like gold, platinum, cobalt and rare earth elements in E-scrap. So recycling can help to reduce material loss.

Second, E-scrap in landfill will pollute the oil and impact our health. This creates many environmental impacts.

Third, raw material from E-scrap recycling is one of the most important sources. For example, about 7% of the gold is from E-scrap. E-scrap recycling plays a great role in world sustainable development.

Electronics Recycling

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WEEE(Waste of electrical and electronic equipment) can be simply torn down by our shredding technologies. The double shaft shredder is the terminator of e-waste. The shredded particles are high in value to reclaim copper, silver and aluminum.

Small household appliances and IT equipment such as hard disks, cards, computers, CD players and telephones, devices are reprocessed on different levels of separation and grinding to obtain marketable fragments at the end of the line.

Recycling refrigerators, our customers trust our reliable crushers. Correct recycling is essential especially for older devices still containing CFCs. For shredding refrigerators, our rotary shears appeal to professionals with their compact size, robustness, low speed and low maintenance requirements.

Printed circuits(PCB) and computer boards, depending on their manufacturer, contains significant amounts of precious metals. These precious metals can be recovered by grinding, sorting and chemical treatment. You can benefit from the advantages of our low-speed rotary shears, totally smashing the PCB into particles.

Advantages of Electronics Recycling Machine

Firstly, in terms of structural design, the electronic product recycling machine adopts a modular and standardized design concept, making the overall structure compact, stable, easy to operate and maintain. At the same time, key components of the equipment, such as the crushing chamber and transmission system, have been precisely calculated and optimized to ensure efficient treatment of electronic waste while maintaining low energy consumption and noise levels.
Secondly, the recycling machine performs excellently in terms of safety protection. The equipment is equipped with multiple safety protection devices, such as overload protection, blockage detection, etc., to ensure quick response in case of abnormal situations and avoid damage to the equipment and operators. In addition, the recycling machine also adopts advanced electrical control systems, achieving automation and intelligent operation, improving work efficiency and safety.
In terms of material handling, electronic product recycling machines have strong crushing and separation capabilities. Through reasonable tool layout and speed control, the equipment can effectively crush various electronic waste and separate valuable materials such as metals and plastics from them. This efficient material handling capability gives recycling machines significant advantages in handling large-scale electronic waste.
In addition, electronic product recycling machines also have a high degree of customization. According to the specific needs of users and different processing objects, devices can be customized and modified to meet the needs of different industries and application scenarios. Tailored solutions can be provided for specific types of electronic waste disposal, as well as for recycling sites of different sizes.

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