Soft TPE Plastic Shredder Thermoplastic Elastomer Shredding Machine


Soft TPE Plastic Shredder Machine
What is TPE? A thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is a type of thermoplastic polymer. TPE has similar properties and performance as rubber. It is sometimes popular as thermoplastic rubber, but actually, its processing is similar to plastic and is recyclable. TPEs are soft and flexible materials, they can repeatedly stretch to at least twice their size and return to their original size when stress is released. So a soft TPE baler is a good baling solution. For further size reduction purposes, a soft TPE plastic shredder or granulator is the right machine to go.

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Why recycle soft TPE?
Soft TPE can be made into various different applications through injection molding and extrusion. The molding and extrusion process generates a large quantity of waste TPE material such as sprues, runners and rejects parts. Soft TPE range from small pieces to large blocks, and the quality of these scrap materials is almost as good as new TPE raw materials, thus properly recycling these plastic wastes greatly saves resources. A soft TPE plastic shredder is what you need for recycling purposes.

Recycling process of soft TPE 
Shredding and crushing are essential recycling processes of soft TPE runners. For large-sized runners, a single shaft shredder can primarily reduce its size into manageable sizes facilitating further handling. For small-sized runners, a granulator can directly cut the pieces into small uniform sizes. After shredding or granulating, the end particles are then turned into regrind. Using regrind is a great way to reduce cost, optimize material usage, and reduce demand for natural resources.

Plastic shredder machine video:

Soft TPE plastic shredder from WANROOETECH
Soft TPE plastic shredder is a crucial part of its recycling step. WANROOETECH is a professional size reduction machinery manufacturer. We offer all types of size reduction machines with a wide choice of different cutting knives, screen mesh sizes and output capacity to meet your specific requirement. Contact us today and one of our sales representatives will discuss with you your Soft TPE  shredding requirements in detail and recommend the most suitable solution which best fits your needs.

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