Shredder Shaft Box Body Processing


Our shredder shafts, box bodies and crusher shafts are CNC machined by gantry milling machine with high machining accuracy and production efficiency, which are suitable for processing large workpiece planes and bevels in batch and mass production.

The produced shredder shaft has high strength and strong fatigue and impact resistance.
The spindle is made of high-strength alloy steel, which is heat-treated and processed with high precision for good mechanical strength, fatigue resistance and impact resistance, and long service life.

Integral knife box, to ensure mechanical strength and processing precision, prolong the service life of the equipment and save maintenance costs.

Shredder knife box is an important part of the shredder, but also the core of the entire machine. The shredder body mainly includes metal plates welded with reinforcement, bearings, bearing blocks, shredder blades, bushings, knife shafts, fixed knives, etc. The wearing parts of the whole machine are included in the box. The quality of the wearing parts in the box determines the effect and service life of a machine shredding materials and plays a decisive role in the quality of a shredder, which can be customized according to customer requirements or drawings provided. Production of cutting tools using real materials, no falsehoods, quality is real, customers please be careful when you select the product!

Shredder Shaft Box Body Processing

1. Vehicle parts: scrap tires, wheels, oil filters, engine casings, scrap copper and aluminum parts and scrap steel plates with thicknesses of less than 10mm and scrap iron forklift pallets.
2. Barrel products: plastic barrels, metal barrels, paint barrels, IBC barrels, garbage barrels, and packaging barrels.
3. metal products: aluminum profiles, cans, metal cans, aluminum scrap, steel scrap, iron, copper and other scrap metal materials.
4. garbage: domestic garbage, kitchen garbage, industrial garbage, garden garbage.
5. plastic products: plastic pipes, pipe fittings, plastic bottles, plastic frames, plastic blocks, plastic cans, rolls of film, and woven bags.
6. wood and paper: tree branches, stumps, construction templates, wood blocks, newspapers, cardboard, corrugated paper, copy paper.
7. Electronic appliances: refrigerator shells, circuit boards, computer shells, CD disks, used TV sets, washing machines.
8. Glass products: glass wool, glass cups, glass steel products.
9. medical waste: small pieces of medical equipment, clinical waste, pharmaceutical waste, infectious waste, various plastic waste, latex material waste, and syringe-type waste.
10. Hazardous goods: solid hazardous waste, barrels with contaminants, liquid-solid mixed waste, aerosols, industrial sludge, various radioactive hazardous waste, and nuclear fuel rods.


Our advantage is to be able to provide customers with personalized service, according to the use of customer tools and working conditions, to choose the most suitable tool material for custom tools and the most accurate heat treatment process to ensure maximum performance of the tool, the company has a large vacuum heat treatment furnace, forging, CNC machining and other advanced equipment essential to the production of quality tools to ensure that the quality of our products reaches the domestic leading level.

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