Shredder Common Fault Problems And Solutions


Does your shredder make strange noises? Or does the machine refuse to start? Often these are minor issues that your maintenance team can handle on their own. Below we’ll list some of the minor problems that can occur, explain the possible causes, and point out the steps you can take on your own.

Shredder Common Fault Problems And Solutions

Your shredder is making strange noises

Do you hear a rubbing or knocking sound? You don’t know the cause, but it certainly doesn’t seem normal. Chances are, small pieces of metal or rocks are stuck in the machine’s rotor or counter blade. To find out, stop the shredder and switch it to service mode. This allows you to unlock and open the maintenance door. This procedure depends on the type of your machine. For precise instructions, see the operating instructions. It is important to check the condition of the shredding tools and counter knives here. They may have been damaged by foreign objects, in which case they need to be replaced.


Your machine reverses too often

What does it mean if your machine’s main drive frequently reverses, first in one direction and then in the other? Usually, it means the crushing tool and counter knife are worn out. Simply rotate the tools or replace them if necessary. However, depending on the model series, the rotor or cutting frame may also show signs of wear. Then you have to examine them more carefully and take further action.

The bearings are hot

Does your control panel indicate that the temperature of the shredder bearings is over 80 degrees Celsius? There could be several reasons for this.

Insufficient lubrication. Check for oil or grease leaks. Replace the seals and apply new grease.

Dirt has been collected in the bearings. This can cause increased friction and higher temperatures. Clean and relubricate the bearings. Tip: Always check bearings for mis-assembly. This can also be the cause of high temperatures.


Blocked rotor

Was your shredder running smoothly before the rotor came to a sudden hard stop causing the machine to go into fault mode? Switch it to service mode and open the service door. Then follow the instructions in the operator’s manual. If necessary, empty the shredding chamber and remove any large pieces of metal or stone. Check for damage to the crushing tools and counter knives.


Excessive discharge size

What should you do if the output of your shredder or pelletizer is unsatisfactory because the particles are too large? No problem. There are some quick and easy solutions. There are two possible reasons for using a shredder.

The screen hole size is too large. Installing a screen with smaller holes.

The shredding tool is worn, increasing the distance to the counter knife. In this case, rotate the tool or replace it. And do not forget to correct the cutting gap if necessary.


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