PVC Pipe Shredder Plastic Pipe Shredding Machine


PVC Pipe Shredder Plastic Pipe Shredding Machine Description:
Plastic pipe shredding machine is designed according to the shape of the pipe, suitable for shredding all kinds of material strip plastic pipe, such as PVC pipe, PP pipe, ABS pipe, the processing efficiency of the pipe has been significantly improved, users can choose the corresponding model according to the size of the diameter of the pipe. PVC pipe shredding machine high degree of automation, high production efficiency, economic and rapid recovery of large caliber plastic waste, pipe and head material. Large size materials do not need to be cut and decomposed, directly shredding work. The size of the torn plastic is between 20-50mm, which can be used for secondary crushing with a conveyor belt and plastic crusher. The crushed material can be directly used for plastic pipe recycling granulator production.

The core crushing system of PVC pipe shredding machine is composed of two groups of moving knife and knife shaft combination into a crushing system, two rotating shafts driven by the action of the driving device, the shear force between the moving blade, crushing under the action of extrusion. The driving part of the PVC pipe shredding machine adopts double shaft motor to drive double reducer as transmission power, the hopper adopts thickened plate to resist impact, and the external observation door is used to check the operation of materials, which is convenient for users to feed according to the equipment. The bottom adopts the octagonal support principle, good stability, the whole machine is simple, easy to understand, easy to operate.

PVC Pipe Shredder Plastic Pipe Shredding Machine Application:
Plastic pipe shredding machine is mainly used for tearing all kinds of pipe, such as underground pipe, polyethylene pipe, PE pipe, PVC pipe, PP pipe, HDPE pipe, ABS pipe, plastic shell, pipe waste and so on.

PVC Pipe Shredder Plastic Pipe Shredding Machine Features:
The whole system conforms to CE safety standards
Independent control electric box, Siemens PLC control
Large material auxiliary feeding device, reduce the impact of feeding on equipment
According to different material requirements, choose different knife roll, screen
Install shock absorbers to tear smoothly
Hard gear reducer, safe and stable, equipped with water cooling function
Bearing shaft external, effectively avoid dust entry

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