Plastic Steel UPVC Door Window Shredder Machine


Plastic steel UPVC door window shredder machine Description:
Plastic steel UPVC door window shredder machine is one of the mainstream crushing equipment with high production efficiency, which is used for the first process of all kinds of waste plastic steel crushing. Plastic steel UPVC door window shredder machine is mainly composed of spindle, blade, comb plate, box body, power system, etc. Using low speed, high torque double hydraulic motor directly drive the knife roller. Using the interaction between the moving knife and the middle comb plate, the waste plastic steel is treated by shearing, tearing and pulling. It has the characteristics of large tearing force, high yield, low noise and good stability. In the manufacturing of plastic steel UPVC door window shredder machine is in the single shaft (fine) crusher on the basis of evolution. The symmetrical design structure of double knife roller is adopted. It can effectively pile the waste plastic steel crushing material in the middle, and realize the automatic even speed feeding of each chip cutter roller without the push device. The tool holder and tool are bolted to the main shaft, detachable design, ensure the dynamic balance of the main shaft, low vibration, low noise. It has the advantages of uniform discharge, controllable size, etc., and is suitable for fine disposal of all kinds of large volume and large wear property materials.


Why recycling Plastic steel UPVC door window:
Plastic steel UPVC door windows are the main raw materials with polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) resins, plus a proportion of stabilizers, colorants, fillers, ultraviolet absorbers, etc., are extruded into profiles, and then by cutting, welding or screwing Make a door and window frame.
Dispensing the sealed strip, hair strip, hardware, etc., while the rigidity of the enhanced profile, the steel lining (reinforcing rib) is needed in the cavity of a certain length, so that the door window made, called plastic steel doors and windows.

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Plastic steel UPVC door window shredder machine Features:
1, the plastic steel UPVC door window shredder machine is equipped with overload protection function, can prevent the machine damage caused by overload;
2. Optimize knife shape design to reduce crushing resistance; More powerful power, better material passage, improve the comprehensive work efficiency;
3, the crushing chamber is welded by high strength steel plate, and after heat treatment, longer use time, greater strength;
4, the frame structure is strong, the mainframe is made of rectangular tube structure, the strength is greater, high stability;
5, shear crushing, reduce noise and dust, good crushing, to achieve reliable operation; Equipped with dust removal device to optimize the workshop working environment.
6, the core box fusion of a number of patent technology, fine design, high-quality processing, greatly increase the use time of the equipment.

Plastic steel UPVC door window shredder machine Size control:
The roller screen of the plastic steel door and window shredding machine is used to separate the material smaller than the specified size, and the screen plate adopts the dish structure. Roller screening machine roller through the drive equipment drive rotation, waste plastic steel into the equipment, greater than the screen plate clearance of the material from the screen plate is transported to the next process, less than the screen plate clearance of the material from the gap into the lower collection belt, by the collection belt conveyor equipment. Roller screening technology is especially suitable for sorting: strong crushing strength, excellent user experience, mature intelligent monitoring technology, after-sales service, let wanrooetech production of plastic steel shredding machine to win more and more customers. Wanrooetech will do its best to pilot the technological innovation of the industry, based on the current situation, and constantly follow the development trend of the fastening waste disposal industry, to create a series of advanced solid waste disposal equipment for customers, and help more customers to succeed!

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