Plastic Shredder Machine/Waste Plastic Pipe /HDPE Pipe Crusher Machine



Single-shaft shredder is an industrial equipment mainly used for material refinement and waste recycling. It consists of blade spindle, fixed knife, box bracket, load-bearing box, feeding system, hydraulic pushing system, power system, electrical control system and other parts. It mainly processes rubber head materials with high hardness and high toughness, plastic products, wood, industrial waste paper, etc. The shredded particles are uniform in size.

Waste Plastic Pipe /HDPE Pipe Crusher Machine

The motor drives the shaft to make knife rotates in high speed, the material are put to between the knife shaft and fixed knife, the materials are shredder, the qualified size will discharge from the screen mesh, the oversize material will be send back for re shredding. The final product size can be adjusted by changing the final product size.


Product  Features:

This single-shaft shredder has low rotational speed, high torque, and compact structure. It can maintain very good stability and durability in harsh industrial environments, and has low cost of use, truly achieving high efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection. Its design can meet the waste recycling requirements of various industries, and is suitable for recycling plastics, paper, wood, fiber, rubber, domestic waste, etc., with a wide range of recyclable materials.




Working Principle:

The working principle is that the material enters the shredding box through the feeding system. The box carries the shredding blade. The push box pushes the material to the vicinity of the blade. The material is torn, squeezed, sheared and other comprehensive functions by the shredding blade. The materials shredded into small pieces are discharged from the screen holes.


Application Areas:

The single-shaft shredder is used to recycle plastic, paper, wood, fiber, cable, rubber, home appliance, light steel, municipal solid waste, etc. It is ideally suited for the reduction of a wide range of different materials:
1.Refuse-derived fuel: straw, municipal solid waste;
2.Textile: cloth fiber, nylon;
3.Paper: industrial waste paper, packing paper, cardboard paper;
4.Cable wires: copper core cable, aluminum cable, composite cables;
5.Polypropylene pipe, industrial packaging & plastic films, PP woven bags;
6.Plastic: plastic block, plastic sheets, PET bottle, plastics pipe, plastic container, plastic drums, plastic film,woven bag, plastic barrels, plastic boards.
7.Hand Plastic:plastic lump(purgings), fiber, high strength engineering plastic(ABS, PC, PPS and etc)
8.Wood:timber, tree root,wood pallets
9.Light Metal: aluminum can, aluminum scrap
10.White Goods: TV Shell, washing machine shell,refrigerator body shell, circuit boards
11.Solid Waste: MSW, RDF,Medical waste,industrial waste.
12.Other: rubber, textile, fiber& glass products


Detailed Pictures:


Actual detailed pictures

Depending on the processing environment, the single-shaft crusher can be driven by an electric motor or a high-torque radial motor. Its large arc cutting range and biaxial arrangement of knife grains greatly improve the crushing efficiency; European special wear-resistant steel imported in batches and high-temperature heat-treated cast knife grains have low energy consumption and low maintenance costs.


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