Motor Engine Oil Bottle Shredder Recycling Machine


Why do we recycling quart-size motor engine oil bottles?
Quart size has 1 liter or 4.5 cups capacity. Quart size bottles can be 9 inches height* 4 inches length * 2.5 width and other sizes for the same capacity. These plastic quart-size oil bottles are recyclable material. They can be shredded and final particles can be conducted at blow molder for new plastic products purposes. WANROOETECH provides versatile quart-size oil bottles shredder and granulator machines for different capacity options.

Motor engine oil bottles shredder and granulator machines in WANROOETECH
WANROOETECH provides many oil bottle shredder machines and oil bottle granulator machines for the size reduction of quart-size oil bottles. Almost all the shredders and granulators can reduce the size of such bottles as long as the materials can be fed into the feeding hopper. How to choose your ideal size reduction for quart-size oil bottles? Below are two main factors to the options of the ideal machine:

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1. What amount (kgs or lbs) of the bottles do you expect the machine to handle per hour?
This is the capacity requirement and it is the key factor to deciding the cost of your ideal machine. The higher capacity machine has a bigger frame and needs higher motor power. So it requires a higher cost.

2. Any specific requirement on the output material size after shredding?
The size of the final product also affects the capacity. Compared to bigger final products, smaller final products requires a higher capacity machine to achieve the same amount of shredding result. For the same key specification machine, 20mm screen mesh size machine will have greater output than that of 10mm screen mesh size machine. So it is important to know your desired final product size before purchase.

3. the condition or status of the original material
Loose status material and baled or compacted material may have quite different size reduction solutions.

Motor Engine Oil Bottle Shredder Machine Video:

In addition to the above factors, there are also some factors that need to be considered comprehensively during the selection of quart-size oil bottle shredders or granulators. Sometimes these non-main factors will also affect the final machine selection. For example, how to feed your materials into the machine? How do receive the final products after shredding?

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