Medical Crushing System Medical Waste Crusher Shredder


WANROOETECH medical waste crusher has good sealing and corrosion resistance; The tool adopts hard alloy material to ensure good wear resistance and high impact strength, which can meet the crushing requirements of high mixing degree of medical waste. It can crush stainless steel instruments, artificial limbs and other metal products. Adopt reasonable tool arrangement and high pass rate screen structure to ensure that crusher discharge is not blocked.

The special properties of medical waste require special treatment methods to eliminate its harmfulness and danger. At present, the common treatment methods of medical waste at home and abroad are as follows: sanitary landfill, high-temperature incineration, high-pressure steam sterilization, pyrolysis, chemical disinfection, microwave disinfection treatment. In the medical waste disposal established in large and medium-sized cities of China, the above six treatment technologies often need to be broken and pre-treated for medical waste, which is also a very critical step for medical waste disposal.

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WANROOETECH has rich experience in medical waste treatment, professional medical waste crusher can effectively deal with all kinds of medical waste, according to the characteristics of medical waste, research and production of medical waste crusher. The medical waste crusher is specially used in the crushing process of medical waste, integrated with the whole line crushing system of Sired Medical treatment, playing the role of crushing medical waste. The discharging size of crushed materials is uniform, and the crushing size of most materials is less than 50mm, which meets the technical requirements of medical waste crushing treatment and achieves the purpose of crushing destruction and improving incineration efficiency.

WANROOETECH Medical Crushing System Crusher features:
1. Heavy-duty design, welded by thick steel plate CO2 protection, and quenched, firm structure, good anti-vibration effect.
2, hexagonal knife shaft, alloy steel knife plate, detachable replacement design of knife plate, large bearing capacity, high crushing efficiency.
3, the blade is forged by alloy steel, hardened and wear-resistant treatment, not easy to wear, can be repaired quickly and reused.
4, sealed bearing, dustproof and waterproof design, stable operation, low maintenance cost.
5, electric control cabinet adopts domestic famous brand electrical components, PLC automatic control system, easy to operate.
6, automatic overload protection, in the case of hard electronic control system set automatic reverse overload protection, to protect the host.
7, spell structure, easy to handle, easy to install, strong rigidity of the machine.
8, not due to the impact of climate use, no special installation environment requirements.

Medical waste crusher video:

Medical waste crusher features:
Hexagonal tool shaft design, convenient tool assembly and disassembly
The tool helix is arranged to achieve efficient cutting
Net-free control discharge, high production efficiency
Cutting blade imported from Europe, breaking metal does not fracture
Bearing quadruple seal, adapt to complex working conditions
High configuration motor reducer and electrical components

WANROOETECH Medical Waste Crushing system is suitable for the following medical waste: small medical devices, clinical waste, expired drugs, infectious waste, plastic waste, latex waste, syringe waste, artificial limbs, rags, blood-stained cotton yarn, disposable sheets and other medical waste.

WANROOETECH medical crushing system application projects: medical waste incinerator, medical waste shredding machine, medical waste high-temperature sterilization shredding machine, automatic centralized disposal of medical waste, to help the safe treatment of social medical waste and environmental protection.

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