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Mattress Shredder
Waste mattress is a headache for recycling. It is too big and heavy to relocate and even if a waste mattress is collected, there is no easy way to dismantle it. The challenges of transportation and disassembly attract few people to recycle.

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However, Wanrooetech developed mattress recycling system derived from a waste metal shredding line. The mattress recycling system consists of a mattress shredder, vertical metal crusher and metal separation.

Is Mattress Recyclable?
100% yes. The mattress is made of spring, foam, sponge and textile. After separating metals, the rest of the materials can be separated clearly.

Why recycling mattresses?
Like other bulky wastes, mattresses are tricky to handle. But the fact that 7.5 million mattresses are thrown away every year in the UK alone – at a cost of over £20m – means that change is needed, and quickly. Disposal costs are mounting, space on landfill sites is ever-depleting, and fly-tipping is on the rise.
A number of recyclable materials remain ‘locked’ in unwanted mattresses unless they are effectively processed and liberated. As the UK works towards a greener, more sustainable, closed loop society, such valuable resources cannot go to waste any longer – especially when there are mattress shredders that can shred up to 200 mattresses per hour.
80% of a mattress can be recycled into new consumer and industrial products. For alternative fuel manufacturers with a strong environmental agenda, it is even possible to re-shred any residual contaminated material to achieve a 100% recovery rate – in other words, zero waste to landfill.
By investing in a mattress shredding machine engineered specifically to handle this bulky waste, the process can soon become a revenue-generating operation. Key to maximizing margins is the investment in low wear, low energy, robust machine that can withstand the pressures of this complicated application.

Mattress shredder machine video:

The single shaft shredder, vertical crusher, all-steel conveying equipment suitable for harsh operating environment, magnetic separation equipment, and dust removal system. The system has the advantages of high automation, high efficiency, low energy consumption, etc. It is mainly used for scrap car shells, scrap metal scraps, scrap mattress scrap aluminum castings, scrap metal profiles, etc. The processed materials have been cleaned and compacted to 40-60mm, with high stacking density, which is suitable for direct transportation.

The mattress shredder for sale can process Cal king size bed, king-size bed, queen-size bed, full bed, twin bed, and cradle.

Mattress shredding
The vertical crusher is driven by single side 90KW motor with hydraulic coupling, which has the advantages of high speed and high crushing efficiency. The material is crushed by the hammer head and compacted by the grinding ring and inner liner plate. The grinding ring is made of ZMn17Cr2 material, which has the characteristics of hardness, internal grinding and is not easy to lose.

How to Separate Materials from Mattress?
Eddy current sorting equipment and magnetic separation equipment have high sorting efficiency and can effectively separate steel from non-ferrous metals. The dust removal system can efficiently clean up the dust generated during the operation.

What materials can we liberate?
The size and composition of mattresses are extremely varied, therefore WANROOETECH’s flexible mattress shredders are capable of handling small, infant-sized mattresses through to super-king-size and above – including pocket sprung products.

can be sent to scrap recyclers before being smelted for remanufacturing

can be broken down and transformed into carpet underlay or animal bedding

can be salvaged for reuse in oil filters or used as flock within the energy recovery market, reducing our reliance on depleting fossil fuels

can be shredded to produce landscaping mulch or a biomass resource

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