Jumbo Bag Shredder Machine


What are jumbo bags?
Jumbo bags are also popular as FIBC(Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) bags, super sacks bags or bulk bags. They are quite suitable for the transportation or shipping of bulk products such as dry or flowable food and pharmaceutical items. This is because they are durable, lasting and economical. Even it is the toughest weather and environmental conditions, they can still be in good use status. Generally speaking, jumbo bags are produced from woven polypropylene fabric and are safe and hygienic in nature. You can reuse them multiple times. There are several types of jumbo bags and each of them carries out different applications.

Why recycle jumbo bags?
At present, the market of waste ton bag belts, woven bags are mainly recycled and crushed into recycled plastic pellets, and jumbo bag shredder is a practical piece of equipment before the granulation process.
Nowadays, industrial development is very rapid, which also promotes the development of this ton bag production industry, a large number of jumbo bag production. But these ton bags are generally one-time use, after the use of the garbage. It has caused very serious pollution to the environment. Jumbo bag shredders can shred these ton bags to be reused, turning waste into treasure, waste recycling industry is committed to processing this waste garbage into new raw materials to improve our living environment.

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Why do you need to shred jumbo bags?
Reusing and recycling jumbo bags are both ideal and straightforward solutions when jumbo bags are close to the end of service life. If they are no longer to be safely reused, you can recycle the jumbo bags. Woven fabric is produced by virgin PP plastic and then shaped or sewn to form jumbo bags. Luckily, PP plastic materials can be processed again and again without losing much structural integrity. The typical recycling processes include collection, sorting and cleaning, shredding, separation and compounding. During whole jumbo bags recycling, size reduction is the important and necessary step to get final PP flakes. Once jumbo bags are cleaned, a shredder and even a combination of shredder and granulator will come to reduce bags into small manageable flakes. Extruders will melt down the flakes and create pellets for new product manufacturing.

Jumbo bag shredder working principle
The double single-shaft knife roller structure is specially designed for winding materials, which can effectively solve the problems of traditional double-shaft shredder winding shaft, connecting knives and pinching materials, and greatly improve the crushing efficiency and quality of finished products. When the material enters the crushing cavity, it is torn and cut by the high-speed rotating moving knife and fixed knife to achieve the crushing effect. The middle fixed knife can prevent the material from being entangled or connected with the knife. After crushing, the material falls through the screen and then enters the next processing process through the conveying equipment.

double single shaft shredder blade

Jumbo bag shredder feature:
1. Double single-shaft knife roll design, no tangled shaft, no knife, no clamping material, more broken material.
2. Knife shaft forward and the reverse can crush materials, improving the crushing output.
3. Four-sided knife body, four cutting edges can be replaced, low cost of use.
4. Adjustable gap between the fixed knife and movable knife, which can control the size of discharge according to the requirement.
5. Unique cutting design, baling materials can be crushed directly without unpacking.

Choose your right jumbo bags shredder from WANROOETECH
WANROOETECH shredders cover several types of size reduction machines for jumbo bags. Both single shaft shredder and double single shaft shredder are feasible to reduce jumbo bags into small pieces. The typical shredder is our swing-arm single shaft shredder. So contact WANROOETECH team today to find your ideal jumbo bags shredder and proper model.

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