China Hydraulic Shredder Machine For Sale


What is hydraulic shredder?
We usually call a single shaft shredder a hydraulic shredder. Because single shaft shredders usually have a hydraulic system that pushes the material close to the cutting rotor. The hydraulic system drives the ram trolley of the shredder. With the control of the hydraulic system, the ram trolley can travel forward and backward to feed the material to the rotor or to get ready for receiving more material. To run a hydraulic shredding machine, you not only need electricity to drive the motor but also need hydraulic oil to drive the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system of a hydraulic shredding machine usually does not need a big capacity. Because the material inside the shredding chamber usually is not very heavy and thus does not need big hydraulic force to push.

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What is the application of a hydraulic shredder?
Hydraulic shredder plays an important role in size reduction for a wide range of waste material. Except for that material that is of high tenacity and those thick metal products, almost all types of waste material are workable by using a hydraulic shredding machine. It includes paper, cartons, newspapers, magazines, plastic and metal drums, plastic bottles and containers, plastic bags, plastic lumps, wood lumps, wood pallets, etc.

What are the advantages of a hydraulic shredder compared to a normal double-shaft shredder?
The blades of a hydraulic shredding machine are shaving type but not shearing type. The machine shreds the material by rotating the shaving blades rotor at a very high speed. Attributed to these features, even some tough material seldom gets stuck inside the machine while it can easily get stuck inside a double shaft machine when the cutting force of the machine is not big enough for handling the material. Once a material jam occurs inside the machine, it can easily damage the machine’s motor.


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