How to recycle wooden pallets?


A wooden pallet shredder is a mechanical device that breaks and tears waste wooden pallets into small pieces or fibers.



The WRPS-1300 wood pallet chipper shredder is a powerful, reliable, and compact wood pallet shredder designed to reduce your pallet scrap and minimize your disposal costs. Wood pallet chipper shredder produces evenly sized wood chips that are ideal for fuel, natural mulch, or to increase the compaction rate in your dumpster. Whichever your desired end goal the WRPS-1300 will take care of it.


Wood Pallet Shredder Machine

The wood pallet chipper shredder is powered by a 24 hp (18 kW) motor. Pallets are automatically pulled into the 52” (1324 mm) wide cutting chamber and shredded until the wood chips are small enough to pass through the screen. The wood pallet chipper shredder can shred up to 30 pallets an hour with a 1¼” screen. Nails and screws are no problem for our aggressive cutting system and can easily be separated by a magnet on your discharge conveyor.


Working Principle:

Wooden pallet shredders are usually driven by a motor, which transmits power to the shredding blades through a reducer and a drive shaft. Shredder blades usually feature sharp blades to increase cutting power on wooden pallets. When the wooden pallet enters the shredder, the shredding blade cuts it into small pieces or fibers. At the same time, there are screens and hammers inside the machine to further crush and screen out wood blocks or fibers of different sizes.





1.Shredded Used Wooden Pallets: Wooden pallets are subject to wear and damage during use and eventually become unusable. Through the wooden pallet shredder, these waste wooden pallets can be broken into small pieces or fibers for subsequent processing.

2.Reduce occupied space: Waste wooden pallets take up a lot of space. After being broken, their volume can be reduced, thereby reducing the space occupied.

3.Resource reuse: Crushed wood blocks or fibers can be used to produce pulp, biomass power generation, fiberboards, etc., thereby realizing resource reuse.

4.Environmental protection: Processing waste wooden pallets with a wooden pallet shredder can reduce environmental pollution. At the same time, the broken wood blocks or fibers can be composted or landfilled as organic waste.

In short, a wooden pallet shredder is a mechanical device that breaks and tears waste wooden pallets into small pieces or fibers. It has a variety of functions and applications. By using a wooden pallet shredder, resource reuse and environmental protection can be achieved.


Parts Pictures:

Wooden pallet shredder and mesh screen

The shredder screen is an indispensable component of the shredder. Its working principle and function enable the crushed materials to be better screened and classified, improve the crushing efficiency, and protect the shredding blades. At the same time, by adjusting the aperture size of the mesh screen, the size of the discharge material can be controlled to meet the needs of different users.

Magnetic roller for wooden pallet shredder

The working principle of the magnetic roller is to use its strong magnetic force to adsorb the ferromagnetic substances in the crushed materials to its surface. During the crushing process, after the material enters the shredder, it is impacted and sheared by the high-speed rotating blade, and is broken into small pieces. At the same time, the magnetic roller absorbs the ferromagnetic substances in the crushed materials and separates them from the crushed materials.


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