How to extend the life of the shredder machine blade


Extend the life of the shredder machine blade solution:
1. Appropriate control of cutting force and cutting speed
Suitable for controlling the cutting force and cutting speed of the shredder machine blade, which is also one of the effective means of reducing the temperature of the processing area and prolonging the life of the cutting fluid. When shredder machine blade is difficult to process materials, it is generally used in a fine-grinding tab, and the cutting depth and cutting width should not be too large. When selecting a cutting line speed, it is necessary to consider factors such as different material types, component structure and processing equipment. In general, if the processing material is a nickel-based alloy, the line speed should be controlled at 20 to 50 meters per minute; the processing material is titanium alloy, and the line speed should be controlled at 30 to 110 meters per minute; the processing material is PH stainless steel, line speed It should be controlled within a range of 50 to 120 meters per minute.

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2. Select a reasonable shredder machine blade cutting method
For difficult to process materials, shredder machine blade select different cutting methods has a big difference in the damage of cutting fluids. Regardless of which cutting method is selected, the principle is the same, that is, the cutting force as much as possible, reducing the temperature of the cutting zone. The cutting zone can be reduced to a larger limit so that the actual cutting edge angle of the cutting fluid reaches a smaller, thereby extending the heat dissipation time of the torn cutter per teeth, reducing the cutting temperature; use a spiral interpolation method to make each The tooth cut is relatively uniform, avoiding the cutting force in a few teeth and speeding wear, this effect is more obvious at the corner; and uses large progress to cut the cutting method, with a smaller, larger feed Effectively reduce the cutting force, resulting in smaller cutting heat in the processing, and the temperature of the processing area is low.

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3. Safeguards timely and effective branches
In metal processing, there is generally a large amount of cutting heat generated on the cutting shirt, if it is possible to control the chip length, the guarantee is timely and effective, the partial cutting heat can be taken away by the chip, so the chip is controlling the cutting temperature. An effective way. When machining is difficult to process, in the rough process, under the premise of the rigidity of the processing system, it should be utilized to generate a breeze during the entire processing. At the same time, the sedimentation performance is used, and the cutting sediment is discharged, and the cutting shirt is not rubbed with the surface of the machining workpiece. The general-purpose cutting solution is used to select a special high-performance additive, a rust inhibitor, and other additives, which are high-performance multi-purpose grinding solutions. When mixed with water, a stable transparent solution can be formed. This product has good settling, lubricity, rust resistance, coolant, and cleaning. It has strong antimicrobial decomposition capabilities, and stability can be maintained under different hydrid conditions.

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