How to dispose of unused medication?


How to dispose of unused medication?

Nowadays, every family will store some commonly used medicines in case they are needed. But about half of those households have leftover medicines left unused until they expire. Expired medicines not only lose their efficacy but can even cause side effects.


Unused medication will endanger the life and health of users. If they are discarded at will, the chemical elements in the medicines will also pollute the environment.

how to dispose of unused medication

According to the actual situation of some large domestic pharmaceutical companies, Wanrooe has specially developed a device for unused medication shredder crushers in the warehouse. The unused medication crusher is mainly used for shredding unused medication or samples in the warehouse. Prevent being reused by criminals.

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The unused medication shredder is driven by a motor, with low power consumption, low noise, and high torque at low speed. It can easily shred packaged drugs. Whether it is plastic bottles, glass bottles, or metal packaging, it can be easily shredded with high efficiency. The new appearance design is safer and more reliable than the traditional shredder. The feeding port is not only equipped with an anti-splash device, but also a safety switch, which can effectively prevent personal injury caused by improper operation. The machine cannot work when the safety door or safety cover is opened; The unused medication shredder machine is equipped with a special receiving box, which has a large capacity and does not need to be replaced and cleaned frequently.


Three main medical waste treatment processes


1. High temperature and high pressure steam sterilization method shredding scheme for medical waste:

High-temperature steam sterilizing boiler: medical waste packing—bucket elevator feeding—first-stage crushing (pre-crushing)—high-temperature cooking—second-stage crushing—discharge size within 5CM


2. High-temperature incineration crushing scheme for medical waste:

Packing of medical waste – bucket elevator loading – first stage crushing – output size about 15CM – high temperature incineration


3. The shredding scheme of dry chemical disinfection method for medical waste:

Disinfection powder screw conveyor—the first-level material and disinfection powder are mixed and crushed—the second-level material and disinfection powder are mixed and crushed—the output size is within 5CM—the stainless steel collection box is sealed and sterilized for 30 minutes


The unused medication shredder adopts electrostatic spraying technology, which greatly improves the grade of the machine. It not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has strong anti-rust and anti-corrosion capabilities; it is very suitable for indoor use in some large pharmaceutical companies, clinics or hospitals.


The harm of this unused medication expired drugs is not only that they are reprocessed into daily necessities and toys, which directly threaten human health, but also that they pollute water, soil, and the atmosphere during the processing, which will not only cause the spread of diseases, but also affect the ecological environment. cause serious pollution and damage. We hope that the exposure of this case will allow us to discover and make up for loopholes in time, make supervision and management more effective, and give us a safer living space.

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