How to choose the material of shredder machine blade


Now on the market for shredder machine blade quality and use cycle there is a great controversy, many users appear blade or collapse, or blunt mouth not durable phenomenon, most of these phenomena are caused by the supplier to select blade material or processing technology is not professional; The selection of shredder machine blade material accounts for a large part of the factors, now most shredder machine blade is mainly Cr12Mov, D2, H13, 55SiCr and other alloy materials, but for customers to tear different solid waste must choose a correct material is key, Can not blindly pursue low price or material hardness factors to select and determine a material.
Material: 6CrW2Si, 42CrMo, SKD-11, D2, DC53, LD, Cr12MoV
Specification: regular specification, spot supply, non-standard can be customized according to drawings;
Features: strict material selection, advanced technology, high precision, high wear resistance;
Applicable scope: metal, wood, tire, plastic, film, electric board and other industries of industrial raw material waste;

What is the application range of shredder machine blades?
1. This shredder machine blades can be broken for large materials, baskets, pipes, plates, wood, tires, cans, plastic bags, paper leather, table cloth, large roll of film which are difficult to be pulverized by a shaft grinder;
2, extra-thick plate precision processing combined structure frame, large Angle hexagonal column strong rotation axis, large-diameter solid input hopper, so you can rest assured that large raw materials;
3, in the thickness, shape, order and other aspects of the design and processing of unique rotary knife, strong shear force, sharp blade, can be high-efficiency crushing;
4, PLC control, processing too much, with positive and reverse operation and shutdown function of the body, safety measures are foolproof;
5, low-speed operation, low noise, less dust;
6, the cutter is made of special alloy steel, strong and durable; Low transmission speed, low noise, large torque, mechanical and electrical overload, more suitable for the crushing of extra-thick miscellaneous articles.
Above all, shredder machine blade is the core of the shredding machine parts, good blade, can greatly improve work efficiency, small makeup in this give you a little advice, in daily use after shredding machine, check, pay more attention to maintenance, machinery, after all, it is not can be endless work, so as to prolong the service life of shredding machine.

Single shaft shredder machine blade mainly crushing plastic and other soft materials, we must choose high quenching hardness, wear resistance and impact resistance material, now most of the selection of Cr12MoV, D2, DC53, the general hardness can reach HRC60°, Some customers with high requirements will even use more expensive LD (7Cr7Mo2V2Si), W6Mo5Cr4V2, and other materials, hardness of HRC62° or more, containing W, Ni and other high alloy elements, more wear-resistant, impact resistance, so that shredding machine blade longer service life, reduce the frequency of knife change, more cost-effective.

plastic single shaft shredder machine blade

Double shaft shredder machine blades  mainly adopts four axis material 55 sicr, H13, such as material, but this is only for the use of some common objects and the general life, similar to plastic, wood, living garbage, cans, bottles, ordinary metal, etc., for some customer requests high, dens with high strength and long using cycle, We want to select suitable material for pieces of different objects, biaxial shredding machine tore up some more soft metals such as aluminum, copper materials, or some plastic, rubber material, requiring the use cycle is long, we have to select similar to D2, LD, such as material, because the material such as aluminum, plastic, rubber with viscous, by biaxial torn pieces, extrusion machine for a period of time, These materials are bound to heat and stick to the blade, so in order to use a long cycle, uniform shredding particles, we must choose these materials with strong quenching and high wear resistance; For shredder machine blade shredding some high strength steel similar to the car plate, large beam steel and other yield strength in more than 550Mpa, or even more than 1000Mpa metal material, must choose H13Ni, HMB and other impact resistance, strong toughness material, so as to avoid the blade not collapse mouth, not obtuse phenomenon.

double shaft shredder machine blade knife

Reasonable selection of shredder machine blade material will certainly bring win-win benefits to customers and suppliers, not only to ensure the service life of the blade and machine, reduce the frequency of knife change, increase customer production, maximize customer interests, but also to ensure that suppliers can obtain more customer resources.

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